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Employee Assistance Program EAP Blog

After Reasonable Suspicion Training is Completed and Referrals Happen: Will Employees in Sabotaged in Treatment?

After training managers or supervisors in drug and alcohol awareness, including signs, symptoms, impact, and effect on the workers psycho-motor skills, required by the DOT for reasonable suspicion training, be sure so offer a bit of education to all participants about being careful not sabotage treatment in the event an employee is referred following a [...]

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Reasonable Suspicion Training: DOT Supervisors Must Be Educated Against Their Strongly Held Misconceptions

As I frequently discuss, you must erode myths and misconceptions about substance abuse and addictive disease to make headway in reducing risk of DOT supervisors ignoring drug and alcohol using employees on the job. Your DOT supervisors should understand that drug and alcohol addictions are highly treatable illnesses. This means that when done properly, success [...]

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HOLIDAY STRESS! This Year, Make a Holiday Uncheck List

Health and wellness tip sheets help employees with their social and occupational function, but they must be written to capture attention, give enough content, and avoid having the employee put it down before they are finished reading it. See if this tip sheet for workplace wellness doesn't have that effect on you. Then download this [...]

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Signs and Symptoms of a Troubled Employee for Trainers In Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)s

Educating supervisors about the signs and symptoms of a troubled employee (or less politically correct: problem employee) contains three important objectives: 1) providing a solid list of the signs and symptoms within the context of the workplace; 2) Helping supervisors avoid jumping to armchair diagnostic thinking and behaviors, some of which can be very subtle; and [...]

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DOT Supevisor Training and Education about Cocaine Addiction or Use in the Workplace

DOT supervisor training for reasonable suspicion must cover stimulants as a drug class. This does not include coffee of course, but medications and illicit drugs, especially drugs like cocaine. Cocaine may be snorted, smoked, or injected. It is likely that very view DOT supervisors have ever witnessed direct use of Cocaine on the job. But there are signs [...]

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Reasonable Suspicion Training: The Law and Mistakes Supervisors Often Make

Reasonable suspicion training is a critical part of any workplace drug testing program.  As per the section 655.43 with the DOT regulations, the employer shall conduct a drug and/or alcohol test when the employer has reasonable suspicion to believe that a covered employee has used a prohibited drug and/or engaged in alcohol misuse.Requirement of the [...]

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Nine "Must-Have" Handouts for DOT Drug and Alcohol Training in Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors

Reasonable Suspicion Training Preview --  {CLICK HERE} CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DOT TRAINING PROGRAM RUN ONLINE FREE If you are training supervisors in a two-hour, DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Course, will they walk out the door as unprepared to confront workplace substance abuse as when they walked in? They will unless effective take-away handouts and tip [...]

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​25 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Okay fellow EAP, HR, or workforce managers, let's take care of ourselves.If the thought of upcoming holidays fill you with dread, you’re not alone. Many people get stretched pretty thin this time of year by money and social obligations. Here are 25 ways to keep your sleigh on track this season.1. Set realistic expectations. Things [...]

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Reasonable Suspicion Training Online Should Include Printable Tip Sheets for Parents on Teenage Substance Abuse

Reasonable suspicion training online should always include PDFs that employees can both read and print, so they can retain them for future use. I would like to recommend that this online training in reasonable suspicion also have a couple handouts for parents to they can be better educated about substance abuse. Yes, I am saying [...]

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Make Spice/K2 part of your Reasonable Suspicion Training DOT Program on Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Regarding reasonable suspicion training DOT programming, the US Department of Transportation does not provide a huge amount of guidance on what drugs of abuse they want managers to be educated about other than alcohol, downers, uppers, PCP, hallucinogens, and marijuana. However, to keep up with the different types of drugs of abuse that can affect [...]

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