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Five "More" Essential Stress Management Tips


Product Description

Stress Management for Employees (Part 2)

This comprehensive, editable  Stress Management PowerPoint program that includes skills 6 - 10. You can purchase part 1, part 2, or both parts at a discount. These programs are available in PowerPoint, DVD Player, Web Video, or a Web course the uploads to your Web site (you own and control this web course without license or additional fees.)

Stress Management PowerPoint PPT Training Summary

•  Stress Management Training Chapter 1: Set Boundaries on Stress. Every job comes with its stressful moments. Your challenge is to make sure those moments don't drag on too long.
•  Stress Management Training Chapter 2: Identify and avoid stress triggers. Stress doesn't occur in a vacuum. Something or someone causes it.
•  Stress Management PPT Chapter 3: Get up and move around to shake off stress. Sitting for long, uninterrupted periods can cause stress to build up.
•  Stress Management PPT Chapter 4: Consume healthy snacks to combat stress. 
 •  Stress Management PPT Chapter 5: Breathe your way to less stress.  We breathe without thinking about it. But to control stress, proper breathing must be deep, slow and complete. 
•  Stress Management PPT Chapter 6: Surround yourself with positive people. Stress is contagious. If you spend most of your time with a nonstop worrywart, you'll start to worry, too. 
•  Stress Management PPT Chapter 7: Speak in low-stress language. The words you use can affect your outlook. It's hard to get stressed if you make the best of a bad experience or laugh at terrible luck that's beyond your control. 
•  Stress Management PPT Chapter 8: Greet stress with good humor. When you experience stress, what goes through your mind? If you're like many people, you magnify the importance of the situation and fret about what can go wrong 
•  Stress Management PPT Chapter 9: Break your work into bite-size chunks. One of the most common causes of stress is facing mountains of work. The prospect of getting everything done--and still finding time to eat and sleep can prove daunting. 
•  Stress Management PPT Chapter 10: Keep your emotions in check. If you're a highly emotional person, you're more prone to stress. 

•  Choose from media formats: PowerPoint, PowerPoint Show, Flash, Self-play CD, DVD of Flash, or Web course
•  Includes ten stress-test questions with automatic scoring with Web Course
•  Sign-in--automatically generates Certificate of Completion with Web Course



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