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Stress Management Training PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation with Stress Management Tips for Employees (or PPT, DVD, Web Course, Video)


Product Description

This is a complete and professional Stress Management for employees available in any of several media formats. The program is 32 minutes in length and explores ten different ways employees can manage stress.  See the full program on this page.

Here is a description of the formats available:

This course has been produced and developed by employee assistance experts and licensed mental health professionals with extensive, in-the-trenches, workplace experience solving the most difficult and stressful problems employees face.

This comprehensive, editable Stress Management program has everything you need for employees to reduce stress.

Stress Management online contains more than 100 tips and tactics in 77 frames (part 1 and 2 together) but either one or two can be used effectively for stand up training presentations. With PowerPoint, you receive without additional charge both sound and non-sound PPT formats.

The Stress Management Techniques program will help employees feel better about work, feel better about coming to work, and feel better their lives in general.

Employees want relief from the stress that consumes them. But not every employee knows where to go or who to call. Under stress, few employees will pick up a phone, but at their computer, they can reach out quickly, easily, and effectively to your website with this powerful, idea-stuffed, stress management program. It has stress management techni-quest they will remember.

This solution is a relaxing and exciting, Web-based stress management course (or use the other formats) that includes ten tips and over 100 separate tips and techniques that we produced for any company, large or small. Employees can access the Web-based course directly from your Web site anytime, day or night.

It's guaranteed to be one of your most thrilling outreach tools.

This program includes a variety of tips and exercise suggestions, as well as education and awareness information. With every tip, employees are encouraged to call their employee assistance program, if one exists, to learn more about how they can manage their stress.

With the high rates of mood, conduct, and attitude disorders, you need all the help your company can get. Stress links directly to violence prevention, so we've kept this program stuffed with ideas.

With this program, you will demonstrate that your program and the organization cares about employees.

Stress Management PowerPoint Training

Preview the Stress Management PPT

-Help employees while increasing referrals to the employee assistance program
-Add a cutting-edge service for employees
-Add value and worth to your EAP
-Stay competitive and improve EAP integration
-Help at-risk employees who never call the EAP--even employee family members
-Increase your EAP’s loss prevention capability
-Offer help available for stress 24 hours a day

When you purchase the program we can place your company’s logo on the front page before sending it to you. And , we can custom match colors from your Web site so the training program appears seamless. It's self-contained, so everything you need is on the CD we send. You won't have to link to our Web site. That's especially important for organizations with firewalls that can't link to another location. Everything is easy with this program. Easy to use and easy to upload.


-Available in full Web course format. See other available options for stress management at this link:
-Your logo, name, and colors included in the program if you contact us ($25 Extra)
-Includes ten stress-test questions with automatic scoring with the Web Course
-Sign-in--automatically generates Certificate of Completion with Web Course

Stress Management Training Contents

Stress Management Training Chapter 1: Set Boundaries on Stress. Every job comes with its stressful moments. Your challenge is to make sure those moments don't drag on too long.

Stress Management Training Chapter 2: Identify and Avoid Stress Triggers. Stress doesn't occur in a vacuum. Something or someone causes it.

Stress Management Training Chapter 3: Get Up and Move Around to Shake Off Stress. Sitting for long, uninterrupted periods can cause stress to build up.

Stress Management Training Chapter 4: Consume Healthy Snacks to Combat Stress. In many cases it's wise to listen to your body and do what it tells you. But when it comes to managing stress, your body can fool you!

Stress Management Training Chapter 5: Breathe Your Way to Less Stress. We breathe without thinking about it. But to control stress, proper breathing must be deep, slow and complete.


How much does this Stress Management PowerPoint program cost?

This program is any format is $397 for either Part 1 or Part 2. Buy both obtain all 10 skills and a 32 minute program. The self-contained Web Course format is $597. You own the course. It uploads to any Web site. The Stress Management PowerPoint program contains a manual with the script. You receive a sound-based program and the ability to have a no-sound formats complete with the entire script! Yes, that is correct, you get two ways to train for one price.

How long does this stress management PowerPoint program run?

Continuously run is 16 minutes in Slide Show View format or Flash. As a web course or in PowerPoint the program is self-paced.

The DVD and Flash Video also run 16 minutes.

What media or presentation formats are available?

Media formats available include Flash Video files for upload to your web site, Flash Video CD, DVD of the PowerPoint Program, Sound-based PowerPoint show, PowerPoint without Sound, Web Course with multiple course features (one web course with audio and one web course format without audio. This format contains text and graphics, but has not sound.)

The web course Includes ten stress-test awareness questions with automatic scoring and feedback about each question with a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. (Web Course)

This is your program and you control it. There is no need to "hyper-link" to or someplace else outside the organization. Everything is self-contained.

Automatically generated Certificate of Completion has score, name, and date/time stamp. It can be emailed anywhere as proof or completion. And here is an awesome idea -- Let everyone in the company take the course and then reward the entire company for completing the program when all of the Certificates are handed in to HR.

Employees are encouraged to contact their EAP or other helping resource at the end of each tip.

The website course contains save and return buttons for interrupted training

Professional and effective--a wide variety of material is included in this course that address virtually every area of stress management intervention.

Can I put the Stress Management Training program on my organization's Web site?

Yes, you may put this program on your web site, but you must protect the page with a password so unauthorized persons surfing the Internet can't access it.

Can we put this Stress Management Training program on our internal "Intranet"?

Yes. There is no restriction for internal web use.

Can put our logo on the program?

Yes. Send us you logo to We will place your logo on page one of any program. There is a $25 charge for this service.

What's in this program?

See outline above. The web course includes ten questions and answers, feedback for the learner, and a personalized certificate of completion.

Who wrote this program?

This program was authored by license clinical mental health professionals and published authors who are experts in workplace issues associated with human resources and stress management and nationally known authors of management, human resources, and employee assistance materials.

Does the program offer a guarantee?

Yes. There is a 100% money-back guarantee at any time after purchase, no matter how long it has been since you purchased it. Proof of purchase required.

We need a program with test questions and a score on the Certificate. Can this program do that?

Yes. The Web course format includes a Certificate of Completion with the learner's name on it and a score produced by the Stress Management Training Software.

Can you bill us?

Yes. We can bill you if you are a business organization in the United States or one of our known Canadian, Caribbean, African, or European customers.

The PowerPoint and Flash formats can be e-mailed to you directly without shipping costs if you like.

  • Help employees be happier on the job. Why? Stress relief improves the ability to feel and look on the positive side of things and increases the joy of living.
  • Help employees reduce excessive stress that can lead to poor health outcomes
  • Help employees look better and feel healthier with practical stress relievers
  • Help employees really think about diet so they manage blood sugar levels, keep their emotions in check, and be more resilient to stress
  • Motivate employees to get regular exercise to help them blow off steam and increase "frustration tolerance" and resilience.
  • Help employee increase productivity with the ability to stay more focused.
  • Help employees improve sleep, feel more engaged, and less tired and worn out at the end of the day.
  • Help employees improve their attitudes--a habit that can actually be learned.
  • Help employees be more optimistic so set-backs and failures roll off their backs easier, allowing to not get bogged down in negativity.
  • Help employees reduce their "walking around stress" with everything from breathing exercises to mental exercises that helps put the brakes on runaway stress
  • Help employees reduce the effects of stress that can sap energy!
  • Demonstrate that your program is on top of stress management as a key issue facing employee this year more than ever, so you easily answer management's #1 question, "Hey, what's the EAP, HR department, or health unit doing about stress?" (Hint: You don't want them asking this question. You want them to already know and see what you're doing!)
  • Possess a program that improves your program's image
  • Instantly add more value to your program or services
  • Increase EAP utilization--this program advocates use of the EAP (or if you do not have an EAP, it can be edited. (Ask us about referral to one of one of the hundreds of EAP firms we know.)
  • Take advantage of the technological capability of your Web site and get a return on your investment by having employees visit it to learn stress management.
  • Add content to your web site to make it interactive and improve your marketability of your services internally or externally if you are an EAP or Wellness provider.
  • Save money and time on training while reaching more people than ever before -- the employees that can never make it to training!
  • Show better statistics to prove your program's worth
  • Add a prevention service that will run "hands-off", automatically giving you free time for other important work, even as you rack up higher utilization--amazing.
  • Train and educate 24 hours a day--even reach family members, perhaps for the first time ever.
  • E-mail the start link to employees, prospects, interested persons, or groups in conferences, seminars, and team meetings.
  • Train employees in the field or expatriates.
  • Seamless appearance with your logo makes it "your program" (optional small fee for logo/branding)
  • Inexpensive, high quality---it won't break your budget.

Enhance Productivity and Job Satisfaction by Utilizing Stress Management PowerPoint Training

A stress-free environment is what every worker yearns for. Manageable workloads, availability of resources, job incentives, and social support are some of the characteristics of a stress-free workplace. Productivity would be at an all-time high if employers enforced policies conducive for a stress-free working environment.

Given that the above is true, every employer should offer stress management training to workers. The problem is, they don’t. Some employers see this as the employee’s personal business, but let’s be clear, stress management training is not only easy to do, but as almost anyone can see, potentially cost-benefiting beyond measure.

Stress management training isn’t expensive. A stress management PowerPoint Training Program lasting 30 minutes can be divided into three sections and delivered in a classroom setting or easily translated into a video and put in a suitable place on your organization’s web site.

Stress in the workplace is among the most common causes of employee absenteeism, low productivity, and health complaints. However, it is quite regrettable that a number of employers do not know that stress in the workplace can adversely affect the fortunes of an organization. As productivity begins to dwindle, and employees become less satisfied (stressed), the turnover of the company goes down considerably. Preventing burnout is tantamount to preventing hypothermia in the winter—once it begins, it is difficult to reverse. You may discover an employee is nearly beyond repair. Any organization with burned out employees will increase it risk of financial loss considerably.

By using stress management PowerPoint available here, HR managers and other key players like employee assistance professionals can create a more favorable environment for all, impart stress management skills to employees, and help workers learn how to cope with stress to enhance their productivity and job satisfaction.

Stress relating to work covers a wide area, and many more than most employers would at first recognize. These include relationship stress, internal self-talk scripts in response to conflicts and challenges, fear of failure, long hours, strain, work load, lack of control over work and work goals or direction, and a host of other issues peripheral to the job situation, including commuting and parking issues.

While stress can be normal, excessive stress is dangerous and will lead to adverse consequences. Long working hours, job insecurity, discrimination, lack of social support, poor communication and low remuneration are some of the job-related issues that employees face at work. While employees might be aware of the stress they are undergoing, they might not know how to handle such situations. The WorkExcel stress management training PowerPoint (both live show format and also non-sound format) provides completely flexibility for the presenter.

Most companies miss the point when it comes to managing stress in the workplace. Some believe that education and training employees on stress management techniques is tantamount to admitting that the workplace is stressful and it is the organization’s fault for it being that way. They would rather be in denial than educate employees about how to manage stress more effectively.

Ignoring the problem is what a number of them are good at. While some companies might be ready to offer counseling or provide improved wages (which will not in the long run reduce stress), these solutions are only superficial and they do not address the root cause of stress at work.

Other organizations have gone to the extent of dismissing employees perceived to be under-performing, rather than addressing the cause of their poor performance, which is stress. This may be the worst and most costly mistake. This misstep can lead to exposures of behavioral risk associated lawsuits, wrong termination claims, and even violence depending on the circumstances. You must incorporate an employee assistance program function if you are managing troubled employees or incorporating a progressive disciplinary structure. This is how you salvage workers, and offering stress management training is your start for the entire workforce.

Nothing ruins the reputation of a company more than having to deal with a myriad of court cases. The chances of a company winning a wrongful dismissal case are close to nil. Most will settle out of court because jury awards are five times higher, typically, and juries rule in favor of employees 60% of the time.

It is therefore imperative that employers embrace stress management measures to ensure that their employees are not only happy, but also work to their maximum potential.

Stress management training and examination of stressors from employee feedback, helps companies identify and address the root causes of stress, and find lasting solutions that will lead to enhanced productivity and improved employee satisfaction. Training both the supervisors (preferably with their own stress management training) and employees both play a key role in producing a more comprehensive approach to workplace and job-related stress.

After undergoing training, the employees naturally begin to develop instincts and gut-level awareness to stress and how to intervene with it sooner, identify signs of stress earlier, and avoid the “slow boil of a frog” syndrome that catches them off guard and suddenly burned out.

There is such a thing as normal health stress, and another type of stress that with relentless exposure creates strain. Strain that continues with no mitigation by the employee, leads to risk of burnout of other organizational costs.

Having a stress-free working environment is not going to happen. The nature of work is to create direction and outcomes, and to ensure that workforce productivity is high. No work environment can operate stress free.

Very few programs provide effective and workable stress management solutions. The Stress Management PowerPoint program from examines ten major areas of opportunity for employees to take charge of their health and wellness.

The program provides the time-tested solutions employees can use in dealing with stress in the workplace and in their personal lives. Remember, stress isn’t just about what’s going on at work. It is about what is going on with the employee. This means it is appropriate and crucial to give employees information and training in management stress in their personal lives. This also passes to families, and has a rebound effect that can help employees and return positive benefits to the company in a circular fashion.

This PowerPoint (remember also available in video, Web course you own and keep, and DVD) program can have significant impact on reducing dozens of associated issues related to stress. These include conflicts at work, gossiping, interpersonal problems, property theft, neglect, anger management struggles, bullying, and the list goes on.

This stress management program comes in a number of formats including a web video and a web course that can be embedded on the company’s website. Users can download the version that integrates sound or the one without sound. A DVD is also available for those who prefer the tangible version of the program. What is more exciting about this program is that it is easily editable and prospective owners can rebrand it to their companies’ names.

The reasons why most organizations procrastinate when it comes to handling stress in the workplace are related to the expensive nature of some stress management programs, or they just keeping putting it off. However, the Stress Management PowerPoint program is affordable and logistically easy. Simply insert the CD we send or download to your laptop and present the program anywhere.

The best time to deal with stress in the workplace is when the problems of inordinate stress have not arrived yet. Then do ongoing training. Never stop. There is no need to stop making efforts to improve the happiness of employees and their families.

Do positive work cultures improve productivity? Yes, they do. You can beat stress with proactive efforts to beat it back. A poll by the Gallup Organization back in 2015 indicated that companies with low employee engagement experienced low productivity levels of less than 18%. How costly is that to your organization? Employee disengagement was brought about by job-related stress. In view of these staggering statistics, it is only advisable that employers implement workable stress management policies. By utilizing this Stress Management PowerPoint, employees will walk away knowing how to manage their personal stress and be happier, healthier, and more productive..

By acquiring this product and presenting it to employees, employers improve the likelihood of several benefits. These may include a fewer cases of employee absenteeism, fewer accidents, less turnover, less presenteeism (people coming to work sick and trying to function), better communication, fewer conflicts, improved productivity and sales, fewer issues associated with harassment, disgruntled employees, anger reactions, fewer employees missing on the job, more engagement between employees and the organization, and many more.

The Stress Management PowerPoint program does not try to re-invent the wheel. It only uses well-known strategies to help employees focus on stress and reducing its effects. Using this program for stress management training will not only help employees, but improve engagement, and this is the financial motivator for any business, because profits are not incompatible with employees being the most valuable resource—they are consistent with employee well-being.

The business world is full of scams and other questionable training programs. However, to separate the wheat from the chaff, this training program has a money-back guarantee. In case you are not happy with the effectiveness of this program, you will receive a full refund with no further obligations, and this isn’t for 30 days. This is forever.

Add this program to your cart right away to start enjoying the benefits of stress management training. You can download the PowerPoint version after making a purchase. Phone 1-800-626-4327 if you don’t see it in your in-box within 15 minutes. The DVD version, Web Course and Web Video formats are also available. You can request for a free delivery to your office by contacting our sales line 24/7.

Stress Management PowerPoint Training





Preview the Stress Management PPT