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DOT Drug Testing Regulations for Supervisors CFR49 Part 40

  • DOT Drug Testing Regulations for Supervisors CFR49 Part 40
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CFR 49 Drug Testing Regulations: What Supervisors Who Confront and Refer to Testing Should Know About the Law

What if supervisors don't refer employees to testing who appear drunk or using drugs on the job--even after supervisor training in substance abuse? Answer: You've got a big problem. To impress supervisors, this program on the DOT regulations and the supervisors responsibility have been developed. Now you can claim "due care" in training supervisors not only in signs and symptoms of substance abuse, but also in understanding the law and their responsibility to act under it.

We created this presentation program/course entitled "U.S. Department of Transportation Drug Testing Regulations: An Orientation for Supervisory Personnel. With this course, you will have fewer supervisors pleading ignorance and jeopardizing your organization for being in non-compliance with the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 CFR 49 Part 40 -- that act requires drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive transportation employees in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries.

You can bet supervisors will not confront and refer employees for testing if don't make an impression on them regarding their responsibilities. This program does it. Help supervisors know what the law says about their responsibility or how the whole drug testing referral process works. Sure, need to have supervisors trained in drugs of abuse and what alcohol abuse on the job looks like, but there is a also a public law that mandates the drug free workplace policy for DOT regulated industries, and supervisors better understand what this law is about.

This product takes care of this knowledge gap problem effectively. It leaves no supervisor wondering what their responsibility is. And makes training in reasonable suspicion training actually work.

CFR 49 Drug Testing Regulations Training educates and trains supervisors in all the key definitions, how testing works, and the steps for getting an employee to the testing facility. We also explain what happens when employees get to the testing facility so the mystery in specimen testing and confusion is elminated.

After training, may EAPs, HR managers, and training pros assume excited and impressed supervisors with insight will naturally remember everything they have been told so when the time comes, they will confront an employee with alcohol on the breath and refer them to testing. Unfortunately, it does happen as easily as one might assume.. Instead more risk is created among supervisors who are still more interested in avoiding employees who used substances, rather than following through and confronting there workers.After all they training was interesting, even exciting




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dot reasonable suspicion testing regulations education for supervisors.