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EAP Supervisor Training: Essentials

  • EAP Supervisor Training Essentials
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Product Description

Supervisor Training: Essentials

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Training every supervisor offers the best chance of reaching every troubled employee in need of the EAP. It's no secret that troubled employees rarely self-refer to an employee assistance programs. It takes a well-trained supervisor to observe performance, document properly, confront effectively, and with finesse, make the supervisor referral to the EAP. This program wraps all of this important training into one package.

Supervisors are key to an effective employee assistance program.

With EAP Supervisor Training Essentials, supervisors will confidently understand how EAPs work and how they can be used to both help troubled employees and help supervisors stay away from enabling, armchair diagnosis, accepting excuses, counseling employees, and increasing risk to the organization. Your EAP utilization will climb, stay high, and you will help most at-risk employees more often.

Without training, EAP utilization fizzles out, your program becomes an afterthought, and in the end almost certainly at-risk for being cut from the organization's budget. It's happened to the best EAPs.

This program has a powerful secondary benefit: Keeping your EAP's doors open by generating a high number of valuable referrals.

If you've been frustrated with developing a solid EAP supervisor referral education and training program, or have been desperately been searching for one, look no further than this program we've sold for over 15 years.

When supervisors are under-educated about using the EAP in supervision, they contribute to decreased productivity, more at-risk employees not getting help, and a growing negative work culture.

Every EAP should train supervisors, but most EAPs fall short of this goal. With this program, supervisor can return 24/7 with a video or web course format and brush up on the skills necessary to use the EAP. Do you have supervisors who skip out of training because they are too busy, "know it all already", or have personal problems that interfere with their motivation to participate in training. With the Web course version of this program, you can reach these supervisors by emailing them a "start link". No supervisors will ever remain untrained in how to use the EAP in supervision ever again.

Here's how your EAP wins with this program:

•    You will be able to train supervisors who miss live EAP training
•    Train without asking the organization to set aside time
•    Train when it is convenient for supervisors – anywhere, anytime
•    Avoid travel to train in the field and cut training-related costs
•    Train new and promoted supervisors
•    Allow supervisors the ability to review steps in referring employees to the employee
      assistance program
•    Save time, paperwork, and energy
•    Get rid of those embarrassing, outdated videos from the 1970's you still use to train supervisors
•    Increase utilization and better compete with other EAPs proposals by offering better training
•    Get more supervisor referrals by increasing EAP value
•    Identify more at-risk, troubled employees and prevent tragedies

If you're an Employee Assistance Program or HR professional, you have probably wondered whether viole nt employees in the news who killed or maimed others were ever seen by their EAP. We do, too. Could EAP training of a supervisor prevented a tragedy? Don't let supervisors roam your organization without the ability to use the EAP in supervision.

Take your Employee Assistance Program and Its Utilization to the Next Level
This training program was designed to make it easy to reach supervisors. You may choose from the following formats: DVD, PowerPoint, Flash movie, or Web course.

With the Web course option, there are no leasing or user fees, and nothing else to pay. You own the program.

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