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Reasonable Suspicion Training DOT Drug & Alcohol Education for Supervisors/2Hr/Certificate


Product Description


 Chosen by the U.S. Department of Transportation to train its own supervisors!

CLICK TO PREVIEW (This reasonable suspicion training can be sent in full, postage paid with free postage return)

 Meet DOT's requirement for two hour drug and alcohol training for supervisors.

  • Includes DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Certificate of Completion.
  • Train unlimited number of supervisors (also available training for one). 
  • Easy to modify to your needs.
  • Multiple formats: Power Point, Web Video, DVD, Web Course.
  • Comes with 8 handouts, fully editable and reproducible. 
  • Includes copies of test questions and separate answer sheets.
  • Optional: Personalize with your company logo.
  • Optional: Personalize with your own forms, inserts and handouts. 
  • Optional: Learning Management System Integration: AICC, SCORM

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Full Preview: DVD, PowerPoint, Web Course, Video (Any format)
with DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Certificate of Completion

Learn about PowerPoint Training for DOT Supervisors

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Introduction to Concepts:

  • Personal problems as symptoms
  • Addictive disease and related definitions
  • Common supervisor myths
  • Dollars and “sense” of intervention
  • Major drug categories and types
  • EAP services for supervisors
  • Alcohol education
  • More about alcoholism impact on the workplace
  • Workplace occurrence rates
  • Understanding tolerance to drugs and alcohol

Also Includes:

  • Cross-tolerance and cross-addiction
  • Loss of control--what it really means
  • Understanding denial
  • Drug photos, categories,symptoms, etc.
  • Performance signs and symptoms
  • What to measure with job performance
  • Avoiding armchair diagnosis
  • Enabling: coworkers, supervisors, and others
  • World’s most enabling statement ("he's a functional alcoholic!")
  • Nothing mysterious about treatment
  • Constructive confrontation of problem behavior
  • Follow-up with employees referred to help

Tip Sheets and Handouts for this program
Reasonable Suspicion Training Certificate












Originally we were asked to produce this drug and alcohol supervisor reasonable suspicion training for the Norfolk Southern Railroad. From there the substance abuse training became one of the most popular alcohol and drug training programs for DOT supervisors and served as the railroad's primary education tool at nine railroad regional locations. DVD, Video, PowerPoint, and a Web course you own and install (easily) are available. The program includes powerful and thought-provoking alcohol education content, and an instructor's guide (not needed with web course or DVD).

The complete image-by-image instructor's manual with notes for each slide gives the trainer enough material to train almost any length of time, even beyond the two hours if desired, so you can present more content in the future and not have purchase an additional program. It is accompanied by many effective and originally authored handouts and a reproducible DOT reasonable certificate of completion. These handouts include drug types, signs, symptoms, alcoholism signs and symptoms, enabling education, dispelling myths, a DOT checklist, the progressive performance deterioration of the substance abuser, a checklist for signs and symptoms, and more.

Choose the format for the drug free workplace, alcohol and drug training program that you need. Your manual and fact sheets accompany the PowerPoint formats. Other formats don't require the manual, but choose this option to supplement your training needs, if you like.

Online DOT Training with Supervisors in Reasonable Suspicion Training (FREE 30 DAY PREVIEW)

DOT training and education of supervisors using a web course does not have to be complicated or confusing. The right kind of training is a little hard to find, but the resource links on this page will allow you to use one free for a couple months.

Special information about our Web Course for Online Training in Reasonable Suspicion
Special Information about the elements of a web course to ensure 100% compliance--possibly the only way to do it, while reducing risk to your company and keeping compliant with DOT mandates.


There are courses available to provide alcohol and drug education to supervisors that do not require to log in, pay per user fees, and limit your ability to reach supervisors. True they are hard to find, but they will allow you to train supervisors from your web site, and avoid the subscription fees in this economy that are helpful to avoid if your budget is tight. Third party providers may not allow you to upload your drug free workplace policy, may charge extra fees to do it, and may not allow specific editable changes to the content to meet the unique needs of your work culture. Training programs that go on your web site, train from your web site, and issue a Certificate from your web site will permit these features, and typically without any additional charge.


Ensure your web course will show and allow supervisors to print PDFs of critical course material. For example, supervisors are handicapped without a checklist obtained during training that allows them to glance at it and formulate documentation to justify a test. The reason a checklist is so vital is because dozens of signs and symptoms--some subtle and some not so subtle--must be considered to formulate a complete picture of an obvious need to test. It is rare that employee stumbles in front of a supervisors drunk. More often, it is a preponderance of evidence that leads a supervisor to the conclusion that a test is warranted. A checklist is the only way to go and the Web Course must issue this handout, along with others that education and motivate supervisors to go along with the mandate to recommend testing when it appears necessary.


Ensure that the web course for DOT Training of Supervisors targets common myths regarding alcoholism and drug addiction that are so rampant in society that even a breath toward challenging them among nonprofessional people with no knowledge about addiction whatsoever drives them crazy. For example. Many people use the term "Functional Alcoholism". This term is a power example of enabling and only means one thing: "The drinking problem of the alcoholic does not bother me." Does the Web course for DOT Training in alcohol and drug abuse signs and symptoms address these types of myths? If not, it is too superficial. You want supervisors finishing a web course and saying to themselves, "WOW! I never thought of that!" Get that reaction, and you have motivated supervisor who will protect your company. Other myths and problems include discussions of drug tolerance, definition of denial, enabling behaviors, how addicts think and survive their disease in order to drink or use drugs, and much more.


Ensure that your web course has sound. Don't let it be a movie. The web course should be "click through" from frame to frame so images can be viewed along with the voice that describes what the supervisor is viewing. This is because concepts need to be considered and a moving picture show will not allow supervisors to consider deeply enough the content being presented to them. I prefer a male voice because most supervisors in jobs where addicts will drink or use are male supervisors. Just an observation, there.


Ensure that there are enough test questions about alcohol and drug abuse that your DOT Training of Supervisors and compliance DOT effort has strong retention factor. This is only possible with test questions that supervisors self-score. And there has to be enough of them. I recommend at least 20 minimum. Supervisors should be able to correct their answers, but in addition, they should receive feedback on every question they get wrong so they understand the deeper meaning and issues that underlie the question.


Ensure that there is a test question on each of the handouts from the course. This will help ensure that supervisors read the handouts that pop-up in the course. Pretty simple, but necessary.


Ensure that the web course for training includes excuses and communication traps that supervisors will face.

They must be given awareness for how employees avoid tests. Many courses or handouts exist on what employees will do to thwart a test, but guess what, their first step is to avoid the test in the first place. To do that, they rely upon extraordinary and seductive verbal debate and rationales to get the supervisor to back off. 

Some employees will even confess to using drugs or alcohol to avoid test. Why? They do this because they know there is no way out, and their only hope at that point is to confess their alcohol or drug problem, elicit sympathy from the supervisor, and convince the supervisor they are in treatment or just got started in treatment, so in fact, there is no need for a test.

Updated with Spice/K2 Information

Reasonable Suspicion Training PowerPoint (DVD, Video, or Online) Certifiate





I updated this DOT Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training PowerPoint (also Web, Video, or DVD) with about nine slides on Spice/K2 because it is a growing problem in the workplace, and it is sometimes used by groups of employees. It is an extremely dangerous substance sometimes referred to as synthetic marijuana, but it is not marijuana, and THC is not the psychoactive substance in the drug. You can preview the full program for DOT reasonable suspicion training Powerpoint here or you can purchase above use this brochure that you can fax directly to use by fax (SAFE for Payment).

When conducting Reasonable Suspicion Training with supervisors for DOT, always provide a significant amount of information on the excuses employees give when they are confronted. Over the past 20 years, I have interacted with many employees who made to the assessment and also later, with employees who were fired, and also employees who almost did not make it to the assessment interview. Their stories always include what excuses they gave the supervisor. This DOT program provides about ten of these excuses. Frankly, supervisors are looking for really good excuses that will help them not push the issue of having an employee tested.

The following is a good example.

 STOP! Have a question? 24/7 1-800-626-4327

Full Preview: DVD, PowerPoint, Web Course, Video (Any format)
with DOT REASONABLE SUSPICION TRAINING Certificate of Completion

Preview Full Course















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Course Formats: PowerPoint, DVD for Standard/Computer DVD Players, Video for any application or Web site; Web Course for Online Training (downloaded or sent on CD to your company with no additional fees or licensing requirements, unlimited use for your company's DOT supervisors organization.)