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Tips for Parenting Teens

  • Tips for Parenting Teens
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Product Description

Tips for Parenting Teens: A Parenting Advice Program


Parenting teens has always been an art and a science. And many people might say that there is a little bit of luck thrown in.  Although it is frustrating and stressful for many parents, parents should not believe everything they hear about how tough and stressful it is to parent teens. 

Parenting can still be fun, exciting, and fulfilling when children reach their teen years. This program for your employees will inspire, motivate, and prompt positive parenting, and reinforce parenting decisions that reduce stress and increase employee well-being. All of this benefits the employer by reducing employee stress and increasing focus on one's job instead of worrying about what's going on at home.

These tips are drawn from some of the best of the best research and observations of social scientists, but the bottom line is that there are no absolutes.

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More About the Program

Now you can give tips to parents to help them manage teen behavior and personal crisis's at home so they stay focused on their jobs while getting effective help and direction in managing teen behaviors.

This program focuses on practical tips and guidance for helping reduce teen parenting stress and offers advice with education that helps parents learn to pick and fight the big battles and forego the small stuff that adds to family disharmony and increases stress for parents and teens alike. This is the art part of parenting challenge--how far to exercise control and how to let go a little at a time.

The teen parenting program will make it easier and more exciting for your employees who are parents to parent teens. It also clears up myths misconceptions about parenting teens that confuse employees in their quest to the right thing in managing their children's behavior. The program will empower parents to trust their guts in making decisions, make parenting a unique experience that is theirs alone to judge, improve family harmony, and increase the ability for learners to have more cooperation with their children and management alike.

There are many lessons to be discovered with this program.






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