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ARMY Drug-Free Workplace Course


Product Description

ARMY Drug Abuse Training Program to Support A Federal Drug-Free Workplace

Training personnel in understanding the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Regulations for the U.S.  Army is what this product is for and it’s available in PPT with Sound Show Features, DVD, Video, or Online Web Course with Certificate of Completion.

The Army drug abuse problem remains a concern, and with the different substances of abuse continuing to make headway into all sectors of society, not just the Army, its important to focus on readiness more than ever, and relentlessly.

Army Drug Abuse Training Program Outline

•    Legal/Regulatory Basis
•    Components of Program
•    TDPs
•    Drugs for which Individuals are Tested
•    Drug Testing Process
•    Types of Tests
•    Range of Consequences
•    Impact on Employees
•    Employee Assistance Program
•    Questions (for Trainer Interaction

Goal of Army Drug Abuse Training

Maintaining a drug-free environment in the armed forces is an essential component to upholding the civilian workforce health and safety standard.

The Army as placed a strong emphasis on substance abuse prevention necessary for preserving the country’s safety and having a force-ready capability. We were asked to produce this product for Fort Belvoir, Virginia and now you can own it.

According to statistics, members of the armed forces face a higher rate of abuse of prescription drugs. The greater availability of such medications may be contributing to this increasing number. However, prescription drugs make up only part of the problem of overall army drug abuse.

With the high stress job that military personnel experience, they are more prone to turn to drugs. This directly endangers not only their lives, but also the lives of those around them. Use of such drugs can slow motor function, cause violent behavior, lead to withdrawal symptoms, and cause poor decision making, to name a few. The list goes on.

Members of the armed forces as well as their supervisors must be aptly trained to understand the risks and repercussions associated with drug abuse in order to recognize the early signs of substance abuse and be able to properly uphold a balanced workplace.

Effectively train and educate civilian employees about Army drug abuse through several key points:

•    Helps ensure that workplaces are safe, healthful, productive, and drug free
•    Covers the drug testing processes and procedures
•    Emphasizes the range of consequences of army drug abuse and their impact on employee
•    Presents the categories and process of drug testing
•    Examines the legal implications of drug use and provides information regarding where employees
     can seek addiction help
•    Discusses the confidentiality of drug testing records
•    Gives the signs and symptoms of drug abuse

Why the ARMY Drug-Free Workplace Program is Essential to the Success of Every Military Installation

Proper recognition of army drug abuse is the first key step to battling the problem. This simple program thoroughly examines the policy, who is to be tested, the supervisor’s role, what to do, how to do it, and more.

Purchase this program and edit as desired using the shopping cart on this page, and edit or amend content if you are a ASAP counselor to help you in your training requirements.

We guarantee you will like this product and if you are not satisfied with it in every way, every detail….return it and get your money back at any time.

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