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Employee Training Products (12 Title Discount!)

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Product Description

Help employees, increase referrals to your EAP, reduce risk, and look great with professional multimedia content that will add value to your program or services.

Fire up your proposals. Show your value-added capabilities. And pay no ongoing fees, subscriptions, or licensing costs for these employee training and manager training products. Remember, other options exist for getting these healthy workplace videos, including PowerPoint with sound or DVDs. All have web course options (add $100 per web course when purchased with in this special packaged price)

Buying at an awesome discount now is our way of saying thank you for supporting our efforts as we develop and produce each of of these effective educational tools.

These Flash movies allow you to have an employee education library on your website so you can offer information, prevention, and intervention help to employees and family members. This drives EAP utlization up and tightens your relationship with management decision makers. Flash videos are developed from PowerPoints. That's an advantage because more information can be packed into a PowerPoint than a Hollywood movie! Each one is professional narrated.

This product allows to you to service customers and employees with a new service that they will love. You'll tackle tough topics employees wrestle with daily and attract more employees to your EAP or other helping program day and night.

Producing one of these modules with script, sound, and animation would easily cost $1000. Most have over 100 inserted images and take a month to produce. 

Of course, you don't pay $1000. But if you did, it would be worth it to avoid enduring the fees while getting the impact that this product will achieve for your program. When you purchase these Flash video modules, (or any product), you own it. It's yours. You pay nothing extra ever again. You build a library of vital and useful educational tools to enhance your workplace program or services. A product like this exists absolutely nowhere else but here.

Can you have your logo placed on these Flash videos? Yes. Can they be edited by us if needed at your request? Yes. Can you get them in their editable, original Power Point formats? Yes. What about a DVD? Yes. Logo place fees are additional. Adding logos to the DVDs is the most difficult, so the price is a little higher.  

Value-added" is the watchword for EAPs and helping programs that serve business and industry. With these 7 to 12 minute Flash videos uploaded directly to your website, you will help employees 24/7, and you will motivate them at the same time to take advantage of your employee assistance program.

We guide employees to take advantage of their EAP on the last couple slides of each presentations. Optional: Ask us about inserting a link in your Flash video so employees can print a PDF right from their screen or jump to any page or resource on the Web that you choose.

Our goal is to boost your employee assistance program utilization while helping employees manage critical issues with solid, how-to, and useful information.

Bonus! Each CD includes Flash movie files for upload to your website. However, self-playing files are also on the CD we send to you, so it plays automatically when inserted into most computers. That makes it portable. The CD is great for health fair tables. Simply use with your laptop. You have our permission to make one additional copy for internal use.