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EAP Supervisor Training (Comprehensive) - PPT & Trainer's Manual


Product Description

EAP Supervisor Training (Comprehensive)


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Train supervisors to use the EAP in supervision and manage troubled employees more effectively. This is an unmatched comprehensive EAP supervisor training program for orientation that we have offered for over ten years. No program, movie, or video available for purchase on the subject of EAP supervisor training comes close to matching it.

With 84-images/frames, and extensive trainer notes for each frame, this program is designed for delivery by experienced employee assistance professionals, but will advance the EAP knowledge of EAP staff new and old alike. As a bonus, it can also serve as an unmatched resource for in-depth study of EAP application for those just getting started in the field or those who wish to examine their supervisor referral funnel for problems in order to boost EAP utilization rates.

Many myths and misconceptions emerge among managers who are not refreshed in their knowledge about EAP, and these become roadblocks that impede EAP referral and produce low utilization.

This program includes enough content to allow several distinct training sessions, and for you to have good reasons for going back to train supervisors in order to make them increasingly effective. In our own EAP work, we we continually searched for a good reason to go visit supervisors again as a marketing technique, and that is what inspired the creation of this product. See the preview above for 20 of the 84 slides we selected as representative samples.

Details of Contents

• EAP definition
• Key principles and concepts
• Review of EAP history
• Benefits of an EAP
• Benefits to the supervisor
• Review of (company) EAP policy
• EAP services for supervisors
• Confidentiality and the supervisor role
• About “releases of information”
• Employee responsibilities
• Definition of a troubled employee
• Common types of personal problems
• Self vs. supervisor referral
• When to consider a supervisor referral
• Avoiding emotional entanglement
• Tips for supervisor referral
• Common supervisor myths about EAPs
• Avoiding mistakes in the referral process
• Avoiding types of “armchair diagnosis
• Observing job performance
• Documenting job performance
• Performance signs and symptoms
• Confrontation and corrective interviews
• Encouraging self-referral
• Job leverage and motivation in referrals
• Follow-up, and follow-up mistakes
• Three types of “constructive confrontation”
• Performance-based intervention for severe
behavior problems and performance crises
• When employees return from treatment
• Misconceptions of supervisors and why they don’t refer


84 color images; extensive notes for each frame; editable Microsoft PowerPoint; ten of our famous Reproducible-Editable Handouts; and  reproducible certificate of completion. Variable length—go long or go short! Train for 30 minutes or 8 hours. It's your choice.

We guarantee that this PowerPoint Program will be easy and fun for you to use; revolutionize your ability to reach more supervisors; add excitement, efficiency, and value to your EAP, and increase the number of referrals. If not, we will refund your payment no questions asked.

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