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Teenagers Abusing Drugs: What Parents Should Know

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Product Description

The word “drugs” strikes fear into the heart of every parent. It’s not a new problem, but when it’s your own child at risk, it’s as urgent as any challenge parents face. How can we tell when our teenagers are using illegal drugs or participating in prescription drug abuse?  And what is the best and proper response? It’s not as hard as parents think it is.

With this program, you will this topic hard and fast. Help parents avoid doing the wrong things for the right reasons, making small problems worse and large problems crises that lead to life time conflicts, children with adult addiction problems, family alienation, violence, and drug related trauma that can last decades.

This program gives parents a fresh start, motivation to act, realistic information, what to do, what to say, and how to say it advice as well as explaining adolescent behavior, the powerful role of peers in decisions, how addictive disease works, research-based education on family and genetic risk, dispelling myths and misconceptions, and much more.

Teenage substance can be spotted, interrupted, and intervened with to save them from life-long problems and even the possibility of self-harm, suicide, and learned helpless in the home as failed adults in later years. This is one of our most critical and valuable topics to save lives and employees who are parents stay focused on work and off the worries at home that come from teens in trouble with drugs.

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