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De-escalation of Tension in Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence


Product Description

Violence in the workplace can come out of nowhere, but talk to the police and legal investigators and they'll tell you warning signs are usually there. One of those signals may be angry, hostile, and agitated employees in conflict with each other or the boss.

Would your supervisors know how to react and know what to say when confronted by a hostile and tension escalating situation? Do they know what supervision practices lead to conflicts? Would your supervisors be more likely to shy away, stay silent, or even worse, say the wrong thing that could make a situation worse?

Most supervisors are naturally prone with education and awareness to react emotionally to agitated and esclated employee situatoins. They don't think with cool heads and can easily make matters worse.

This product offers concrete education and awareness, and enough of it to make an impact in helping supervisors reduce risk to themselves and others. It may the one program you are the most thankful you purchased. We highly recommend the web course for this product that provides certification the training was completed. Put that in the employee's personnel file.

Don't let your supervisors live in the dark. Reduce their risk of harm to themselves and others.
It is a supervisor's ability to identify and deescalate potentially violent situations that could be the difference between them and their coworkers returning home safely to loved ones or someone being hurt—or worse—on the job.

This program addresses dealing with conflicts early. It talks about taking time to sit down with employees and find out the basis of a fued, and how to get past it. It tackles the importance of being respectful to all workers. And it talks about procedures for meeting with upset employees and how to prepare for such a meeting. It addresses establishing a positive environment, disallowing bullying, how to create a workplace that is inclusive, how to speak to employees in order to calm them down, and to prevent future problems.

Supervisors learn that, contrary to popular belief, employees really do want closer relationships with them and that conflicts with coworkers that lead to violence may end before they started with a compassionate supervisor who is a good listener and available to employees. When employees feel the boss cares, good things happen. One of them is the organization reducing the risk of a tragic act of workplace violence.