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Supervisor's Role in Preventing Workplace Violence

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Product Description

Fifteen percent of all workplace violence fatalities involve supervisors, and each year in the United States approximately 700 people--employees and supervisors alike--die in incidents of workplace violence.

Workplace violence prevention is not something to take lightly. That's why it is important to train supervisors apart from employees;.

Will lack of supervisor ability, awareness, and knowledge unwittingly contribute--or make it more likely that an incident of workplace violence will occur in your workplace this coming year? You can reduce this risk with training and education of supervisors in understanding the special role they play in prevention. And this program is a sure fire way to get started.

This training program tackles the issues of workplace violence to help supervisors understand the unique prevention role afforded by their position of authority and the access to information among employees they naturally have as a result. With a little bit of training, self-awareness, and knowledge about the signs and symptoms of potential workplace violence, supervisors can make a big difference.

If you're providing workplace violence prevention training, great, but chances are only employees are getting this information. You may be missing an important piece of the prevention puzzle not training supervisors. With this program, you will document how you're going one step further to reduce risk to the organization.

If you desire reduced risk to your business, or if you think your work setting falls into a high risk category, and/or if incidents of workplace violence have occurred the past, then this program is for you.

We invite you to search the Internet for a course like this one. You'll find a pamphlet or two but not a professionally narrated video, DVD, Web course, and PowerPoint that's ready to go. That's why we created this product--to fill an enormous need to educate supervisors, increase their self and "other awareness" skills, and help them play the vital role entrusted to them.

Educate your supervisors, reduce risk, and for extra impact consider the web course for this product with test questions and a certificate of completion. You'll be able to document having trained every supervisor in the organization with the goal of making it less likely some employee, customer, or manager will become a victim of workplace violence, and even worse, lose their life.