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The Manager's Role in Promoting a Respectful Workplace

  • Supervisor's Role in Promoting a Respectful Workplace
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The Manager's Role in Promoting a Respectful Workplace

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Disrespect in the workplace can simmer, fester, grow, and explode. Education, training, and awareness for supervisors or managers is key to interrupting this destructive pattern. Our short unique program was produced for this purpose. In a few minutes, we show supervisors exactly how to intervene. The concern that drove the creation of this program is the risk of a workplace violence incident that could flow from disrespectful behaviors between coworkers or between supervisors and their employees.

Once disrespect in the workplace is on a roll, you will do more than lose sleep over it. You will begin to worry about conflicts, morale, and violence showing itself in the form of assault or worse.  All businesses worry about this risk, however, with this program, they don't have to feel helpless, sit, and wait for something to happen. They learn a few essential principles to interrupt a defeating pattern and influence the creation (and maintenance) of a harmonious, respectful work environment.
Every company faces the risk of having a disrespectful work environment if they ignore signs and symptoms and do not remain proactive in intervening appropriately. It usually begins with smaller events that are overlooked. Respect in the workplace is leadership-driven, and is maintained by leadership willing to set the example for others. Accordingly, this product includes education for supervisors on setting such examples. Globally, learning to model respect rather than turning a blind-eye is critical and represents a new awareness that we incorporate. When supervisors or managers dopt these principles in their leadership style, risk is reduced.
Spotting disrespect such as gossip or rudeness, for example, and then intervening immediately with an unmistakable but appropriate reprimand, is an example of a desired supervisor action.  When managers become aware of workplace disrespect and model intolerance toward it, along with the fortitude to step in immediately, they are telling employees to be "change agents" and "monitor yourselves for reducing these sorts of behaviors." This is how workplace risk is reduced. The other side of this coin is that promoting respect influences productivity and helps enhance bottom line.
Don't wait to obtain this program if your supervisors have not been suitably trained in this topic because each day that passes is one more day of potential risk associated with increased liability and negative impacts on productivity. Use the shopping cart or this promoting respect in the workplace order form.

If you do not experience a more harmonious, productive workplace with improved morale and respect, a full refund is yours with no questions asked.  Preview the program in full! Request the full preview of The Supervisors Role in Promoting a Respectful Workplace. Then, order it to educate managers with the form or above online with the shopping cart.

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