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Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace


Product Description

Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace

  • Help employees understand and use effective workplace communication
  • Reduce complaints about poor workplace communication
  • Improve morale with conscious communication
  • Increase productivity, reduce turnover, reduce conflicts, save time
  • Improve employee-to-employee interactions
  • Intervene with the bad communication habits and inspire change

Poor workplace communication is consistently one of the top organizational complaints among employees and managers. And, effective communication remains one of the most overlooked and untrained job skills. The price of poor workplace communication is high--more conflict, lower productivity, morale issues, more errors, higher turnover, and more.

This editable and brandable program (PowerPoint presentation, DVD, video, or self-contained web course) educates employees/ supervisors about the content presented. This is a no-fluff program. It is fast moving, practical, and memorable. All formats include a reproducible, editable handout, and test questions to engage learners. Choose any format. Get two media formats and take 50% off the lower-priced format.

Phone 1-800-626-4327 or email for a FREE PREVIEW of the full program. Choose from multiple formats. Choose PowerPoint Sound Show for in-classroom education, or turn off the sound for live instructor training. The DVD format is perfect for any television monitor and most desk or laptop computers and its portability means you can send it anywhere your employees are located. Web movies upload to your server and become part of your Web site for 24/7 access by employees. The web course includes sound, test questions, handout(s), and a certificate of completion. 

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