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EAP Refresher for Supervisors II

  • EAP Refresher for Supervisors II
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Product Description

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Refresher for Supervisors – Part II

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Get ready for Part II of this EAP Refresher Training Program that’s guaranteed to help your supervisors use the EAP to manage troubled employees more effectively. With this employee assistance program training module, you will get more referrals, reduce “misfires” on referrals to your EAP office, and eliminate risk that the most troubled employees will never show up.

Refresher training is all about ironing out all the wrinkles in the EAP referral process and eliminating worrying about whether supervisors “get it” and whether they will make referrals of troubled employees. They will refer after this refresher training booster, part two of three parts.

This material is for use anytime, especially with the web course or video options that upload to your server.  Questions, misunderstandings, and confusion are reduced – and EAP utilization increases virtually over night.

•  This module covers communication with the EAP and your employee,
•  Keeping emotions in check,
•  Problems in referring late after the relationship with the employee has deteriorated,
•  Staying in control of the referral process and avoiding the employee manipulating the supervisor.

Do these issues sound familiar? They are in fact common problems for EAPs.

Refresher training creates energy to use the EAP to increase the likelihood of having the most difficult, troubled employees end up at the office door of the EAP ready and willing to accept help. With today's violent workplaces, how valuable would that be?

Choose from multiple formats. Each is the perfect length of about 12-15 minutes.

With the Web course format, your Web site becomes the place to train supervisors day or night. You can also use the Web course CD in a laptop computer. The PowerPoint programs are editable, with sound and animation, so go ahead and add your logo. Need a DVD? No problem we will add your logo for you and create the DVD.

Get the flash video format (any type of video) for installation on a protected web page or use the autorun feature on the CD for true portability at a training table or other presentation.

While every supervisor has been trained to follow EAP guidelines and procedures, in practice, much of this process is forgotten and becomes buried in the bottom of a supervisor’s perpetual to-do list. You easily lose connection with them and along with it, “top of mind” visibility.

With part two of this easy-to-follow three-step program, your supervisors will learn about communicating with troubled employees. What to say and not say.  They’ll learn about keeping their emotions in check and how not to get angry with the employee or emotional vulnerable to acting out, doing the wrong things, and undermining their supervision goals.

Part II of this refresher course enhances supervisor understanding of each of these key points:

•    Supervisor communication with his/her employee
•    Keeping emotions in check in the workplace
•    How to gain a head start in employee referrals to the Employee Assistance Program before
     performance deterioration occurs
•    Staying in control of the supervision process
•    Returning troubled employees back to satisfactory levels of job performance

Why the Employee Assistance Program Refresher Course is the Fastest, Easiest Route to Utilization Increases

Part II of this three-step program will guide and train  supervisors through the correct steps necessary for filing a successful employee referral. It handles the fundamental basics – how to recognize and communicate to employees, and how to maintain steady control of the management of the referral process while avoiding manipulation by employee who sound sincere about getting help for their personal problems, but are anything but.

If you supervisor referrals do not increase within seven days of deliver this training to supervisors, and if your EAP does not become more effective, valued, and less vulnerable to program closure, we want you to contact us for a full refund.

Ready to see results? Don’t waste anymore of your time, try this program today!

There is nothing to lose – that is how sure we are that you’ll benefit, improve referrals, and save lives, so what’s stopping you?

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