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Understanding and Treating Depression


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Understanding and Treating Depression Awareness  Education Program


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Understanding and Treating Depression

One of the best ways to help employees is to provide health education so they can self-diagnose serious life threatening problems and illnesses. It's a bonus when this help can also indirectly improve productivity and help protect the bottom line. Depression is this kind of problem. It will wreak havoc on everyone an employee knows along with a loss of productivity.

You don’t have a lot of time to educate employees, so we researched the literature and teased out the most important information employees need to know about depression. We then created this action-oriented and professionally narrated PowerPoint show, along with the other usual WorkExcel.com formats. It does everything needed using 29 slides and 9 1/2 minutes of educational programming and awareness.

This program tells the whole story on depression. It clears up the myths and misconceptions and stirs employees to seek help. It discusses the blues, being depressed, and the differences between these states and major depression. It discusses different kinds of depression too, and why depression is a true disease, and why it can’t just be "snapped out of."

This program offers a ton of information on signs and symptoms, including many that employees have not considered. It also addresses suicide prevention and the problem of depression in older persons, particular white males over 75--the ones with the highest suicide rates from depression. 

Like no other program you will find, “Understanding and Treating Depression” tackles the confusing myth that depression causes alcoholism and the big one that people will drink alcoholically because they are depressed. In other words, we explain the nature of biogenic and hereditary addictive disease while seeking to prevent these health conditions from making each other worse.

One in ten employees is seriously affected by major depression, a clinical disease of the brain. As the illness grows worse, it takes an incalculable toll in human suffering and it will affect the bottom line of any business with increased rates of absenteeism, presenteeism, lower productivity, coworker conflicts on the job availability, general conduct problems, and attitude issues. Untreated depression can kill, and it can be and often is a contributor to workplace violence.

“Understanding and Treating Depression” will help employees self-diagnose and motivate them to seek help through the company employee assistance program or another outside helping resource. Helping employees become motivated to treat depression is as critical as helping them learn the hard and soft skills of their jobs. Depression education and awareness saves lives.

Understanding and Treating Depression is authored by license mental health professionals, and you will discover that this program, along with the “Helping to Prevent Suicide” are the two most indispensable training and awareness topics you can give to your workforce. You will never know if either of these programs helped save a life, but you can be assured that it made it possible--at very little cost.

Add this product to the shopping cart above or phone 1-800-626-4327 to make arrangements to purchase this product over the phone. Remember, when you purchase any narrated PowerPoint from WorkExcel.com, you can create a non-sound copy for stand-up, live presentation use. This program, like other programs, is available as a DVD (for a standard DVD Player), Web Video (any kind), and a stand-alone online Web Course you upload to your internal Web server so employees or family members can train 24/7.

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