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E073 Understanding Panic Disorder


Product Description

First 100 Words
Panic disorder is a psychological condition that shows up in the form of sometimes violent physical symptoms. These symptoms, called panic attacks, can literally make the victim feel as though he or she is dying: rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, excessive sweating, dizziness, trembling, intense anxiety, a feeling of loss of control, and helplessness. Imagine what it would be like to jump out of an airplane only to find your parachute won’t open – that’s pretty close to what panic attack victims are feeling in the moment.

When the attacks occur regularly or appear to be caused by a specific set of circumstances, then panic disorder is the cause. There is no specific treatment for a panic attack, per se. But the underlying condition, panic disorder, can be treated with a combination of medications and psychotherapy . . .

When To Use
What is panic disorder. What causes it. What to do about it if it happens to you. What to do if it happens to someone else.

How to Use
Waiting rooms, counseling sessions.