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Drugs of Abuse Chart Health and Wellness Tips


Product Description

This is the "Drugs of Abuse Chart" that you have been waiting to discover and use in your reasonable suspicion training course (or employee drug and alcohol awareness program.) It's complete, but also editable, amendable, reproducible, web usable, and email-able. is the only drug and alcohol education materials organization that offers it.

You can't train supervisors or employees in workplace substance abuse without a chart on drugs of abuse. You may discover similar charts, but you won't find one you can copy, amend, edit, and also use on your Web site. The key advantage of this editable tip sheet is that you can change it over time and and add content as necessary. For example, is there a surge in Methamphetamine abuse employees within your work culture? Then add content. Do you have employees in your workplace who have been identified users of Spice/K2? Salvia? Go head and include it.

Flexibility is the most important part of a workplace wellness tip sheet, so this one like the others we offer, gives you everything you need for putting on a drug and alcohol awareness and education program and having a perfect tip sheet for it.

We produced this workplace wellness tip sheet (which is also available in our full discounted health and wellness tip sheet package) in MS Publisher and MS Word with Graphics. But we don't stop there. We also give you a PDF, and if you ever want the plain text of the tip sheet, then give use a call. You also have our permission to use this tip sheet internally with your organization any way you like. If you are an EAP provider, you have permission to use it with all of your customers' employees and supervisors, and family members. Sorry, not available to nationally operating managed behavioral healthcare organizations.

This tip sheet on substance hits all the DOT required parameters mentioned in the law including what substances supervisors should be educated on, but substances of abuse affect the body, type of drug, drug street names, method of use, symptoms of use, and the effect on behavior or conduct when used. This tip sheet also includes the "hazards" of use. Add this tip sheet to the shopping cart now and search this site for additional drug and alcohol tip sheets and associated workplace wellness handouts.

Click the image here to get a much better look:

drug abuse chart for reasonable suspicion training

We have many programs and tip sheets about substance abuse, but you can acquire our full package of substance abuse tip sheets and get a $58 discount for every 15 that you purchase.


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