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DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors Education Compliance with 60-60 Requirement


Product Description

Reasonable Suspicion Training for DOT Supervisors

We have every format of this reasonable suspicion course: DVD Player, PowerPoint, Video for a Web site, or Web Course you own and retain. Meet the DOT's requirement for the two hour (60 minutes drug education and 60 minutes of alcohol education and awareness training for DOT supervisors.) Per the DOT, this may be accomplished with any combination of education/media/content. We do this with audio visual mix, eight handouts with impressive original content, and 35 test questions that educate supervisors with each answer. We also use two voices for narration to keep learners engaged. Alcohol is by far the most important and significant problem in the workplace. You can see all of this content here.

  • Includes DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Certificate of Completion.
  • Train an unlimited number of supervisors (or train just one at this page). 
  • The course is easy to modify to your needs.
  • Multiple formats: Power Point, Web Video, DVD, Web Course you own.
  • 8 handouts, fully editable, and reproducible (all formats)
  • Includes test questions and separate educational answer sheets (all formats).
  • Option: Personalize with your company logo (All media formats)
  • Option: Personalize with your own forms, inserts, and handouts (for web course.)
  • Option: If you use a Learning Management System (LMS) AICC, SCORM

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Concepts Presented in Reasonable Suspicion Training

  • Personal problems as symptoms
  • Addictive disease and related definitions
  • Common supervisor myths
  • Dollars and “sense” of intervention
  • Major drug categories and types
  • How supervisors can intervene
  • Alcohol education and myths, misconceptions dispelled
  • More about alcoholism impact on the workplace
  • Workplace occurrence rates
  • Understanding tolerance to drugs and alcohol

Also Includes:

  • Cross-tolerance and cross-addiction explained
  • Loss of control--what it really means
  • Understanding denial
  • Drug photos, categories,symptoms, etc.
  • Performance signs and symptoms
  • What to measure with job performance
  • Avoiding armchair diagnosis
  • Enabling: coworkers, supervisors, and others
  • World’s most enabling statement ("he's a functional alcoholic!")
  • Nothing mysterious about treatment
  • Constructive confrontation of problem behavior
  • Follow-up with employees referred to help

Tip Sheet and Handout Examples for Reasonable Suspicion


  • Reasonable Suspicion Training Certificate





Reasonable Suspicion Training Program
Originally we were asked to produce this drug and alcohol supervisor reasonable suspicion training for the Norfolk Southern Railroad! From there the substance abuse training became one of the most popular alcohol and drug training programs for DOT supervisors and served as the railroad's primary education tool at nine railroad regional locations.

DVD, Video, PowerPoint, and a Web course you own and install (easily) are available. The U.S. DOT purchased our reasonable suspicion training program for their own DOT Supervisors (U.S. Maritime Division)

The program includes powerful and thought-provoking alcohol education content, and an instructor's guide with the PowerPoint format that has extensive notes. Every format is professionally narrated with two voices (to keep the learner engaged.)

The complete image-by-image instructor's manual with notes for each slide gives the trainer enough material to train for the required length of time, even beyond the two hours if desired. This allows the instructor to present more content in the future and not have to purchase training. The DOT does not require refresher training, but to reduce risk in your organization, consider offering it anyway. (Hint: Approach your insurance company and ask for a discount of 5%--your state have this coded in law, but they won't tell you. Push them for it.)

More about DOT handouts: They are critical. Do not train supervisors with out take-away handouts. Since we are trained, experienced experts in education, treatment, detox, and workplace intervention (no other web authors on the Internet selling DOT training are) we've created nationally used handouts and tip sheets all based on the Chronic Disease Model of Addictive Illness.

These handouts include drug types, signs, symptoms, alcoholism signs and symptoms, enabling education, dispelling myths, a DOT checklist, the progressive performance deterioration of the substance abuser, a checklist for signs and symptoms, and more.




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