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EAP Refresher Training for Supervisors: Parts 1, 2, 3 or ALL PARTS


Product Description

All three parts of our acclaimed EAP refresher training program.

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"Weren't those 
supervisors listening!?" You know how it is--after training and orientation, supervisors forget what they learned. That's okay, because now you can refresh their memory, give them more in-depth information, and have a great excuse to see them again. Your utilization stays up, supervisor referrals increase, and management is happier about your EAP. This program clears up myths and misconceptions. It makes supervisor referrals to the EAP that were managed improperly, a thing of the past. It's a exclusive!

Every supervisor--once they start using an EAP--has questions, misunderstandings, and confusion about the EAP. It's natural, but what is unusual is refresher training to solve these problems. We haven't seen a program like this sold anywhere. These refresher training programs keep your EAP front and center, and help supervisors understand the key elements and important nuances about EAPs. And they are editable so you can add your own stuff!

These training programs will turn supervisors into savvy advocates for your program, increase referrals, and make it more likely that difficult, troubled employees--the ones that really need to be referred--will get to the EAP.  With today's violent workplaces, how valuable would that be? We're talking risk management here! Nothing could be more critical to managing behavioral risk than having these programs in your training library.

Choose from multiple formats. Each is the perfect length of about 12-15 minutes. With the Web course format, your Web site trains supervisors 24/7 with sign-in and printable certificate. You can also use the Web course CD in a laptop computer. The PowerPoint programs are editable, and they are perfect for live training. One even has sound and animation. The flash movies are perfect for  Web-based use or use the autoplay CD for true portability. They in any computer. Preview one or all of these programs. Purchase together so your program is complete.