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Improving Your Assertiveness Skills

  • Improving Your Assertiveness Skills
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Product Description

Improving Your Assertiveness Skills

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Many employees fear rejection if they attempt to be assertive. Some may let others lead their lives entirely because they believe others opinions and beliefs are more important than their own. Other employees confuse assertiveness with selfishness or being aggressive. All of these issues with assertiveness have serious repercussions for employers, and the biggest and most tragic one of all is a the failure to reap the ideas and contributions of highly intelligent workers who don't step forward or speak up.

Improving Your Assertiveness Skills
is designed help employers reduce this unique loss of productivity by helping employees make personal changes and become more assertive.

Assertiveness is much more than stating one's opinion or deciding that it is okay to take the last piece of pie on a cake plate. Assertiveness in the workplace is a vital soft skill with the capacity to positively affect, eliminate, or prevent other major behavioral risk problems.

Assertiveness is a lot more than stating your needs in constructive and healthy ways. It's a state of mind and a soft skill you should be helping employees acquire.

Assertiveness can interrupt bullying patterns, reduce coworker conflicts, improve relationships, prompt employees to be change agents when they witness harassment, theft, ethical violations, and abuse of other workers.

It could easily argued that assertiveness skills could help prevent workplace violence, and even homicide.

All of this is why workforce management professionals like EAPs and human resource managers should explore offering more training on the concept of assertiveness.

Assertiveness can interrupt inappropriate supervisor behaviors, make workplace communication more effective, improve respect among employees, and help ensure employees are happier because they feel more validated, acquiring what they legitimately need and deserve. And here is a key point: When employees feel in more in control, and less victimized, are happier. It starts with an assertive mindset.

So, assertiveness is about productivity, reducing risk, and helping improve the bottom line.

With all that said, take a look at this short preview above, ask to see the full program, and if you really like this program (and I think you will) print this Improving Assertiveness product order form, or use the shopping cart on this page.

Being Assertive Improves Self-Esteem

Improving Your Assertiveness Skills is packed with information to help employees take new steps forward, and accept personal responsibility for getting their needs met in healthy ways.  They will learn to identify their needs, and express what’s on their mind to get attention without offending others. They will discover what to do, what to say, how to say it, and become motivated to take action and plot a new course of self-respect.

Learning To Be More Assertive

Assertiveness skills training is essential for not only succeeding in the workplace, but in life.  The skills employees will learn in Improving Your Assertiveness Skills will help them stop kicking themselves over what they should have said or done in a missed situation where assertiveness would have saved the day.

Assertiveness training can also influence anger management issues, too.  No more looking back in anger and contempt, and thinking, I should have said this or that.  Instead, employees act in the present and feel good about sticking up for themselves and expressing their needs. This program will deliver the positive results you as a workforce manager need.  You will see employees make changes, and they will talk about what they've learned. And you will see them become empowered and more direct.

Improving Your Assertiveness Skills is an assertiveness training presentation includes

•    Benefits of assertiveness
•    Roadblocks to assertiveness
•    False beliefs about assertiveness
•    What we learn about assertiveness from parents
•    Why and where is assertiveness important in our lives
•    Why assertiveness isn't rudeness, selfish, or being disloyal
•    Our rights - what are they - listed and discussed
•    Selfishness versus Assertiveness
•    Reacting to others' assertiveness
•    What assertiveness is not aggression
•    What is aggression?
•    Managing false beliefs about assertiveness
•    Consequences of not being assertive
•    Recognizing and practicing change to become assertive
•    Becoming assertive means mistakes and missteps initially
•    Keeping tack of your progress to become more assertive
•    A Simple Assertiveness Improvement Exercise
•    About "I statements" and the many types
•    Avoiding undermining our attempts to be assertive
•    No one is expert. We all make mistakes in missing opportunities to be assertive
•    What the EAP can do

Empowering Employees with the Gift of Assertiveness

The course can be ordered in various media formats to provide convenient, student-friendly learning that include web course, PowerPoint, PowerPoint with sound and animation, flash movie of PowerPoint and self-playing CD, and a DVD of the PowerPoint with sound and animation.  

The online web course is popular because the student can take it at his or her leisure while at work or during any downtime.  The course can be played back for reemphasizing any sections in order to make notes of any tips or points.

The PowerPoint format is wonderful for reaching people who prefer to take the lessons step-by-step with full visuals and control of the speed of the lessons.  When combined with audio, the lessons come to life for employees with clear visuals and professionally narrated text.

The DVD of the PowerPoint with sound and animation can be used in a group setting or with a live trainer because permits you to create a second copy of any product and remove the sound files to you have two exciting ways to train.

Consider combining this series with the Ten Essential Stress Management Tips and Resolving Coworker Conflicts.

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