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Assertiveness for Supervisors: Maximizing Productivity and Improving Relationships with Employees

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Product Description

Assertiveness for Supervisors

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Assertiveness allows a manager to be proactive, speak up appropriately, be direct, and deal with problems early so small issues do not become full blown crises.

Learning assertiveness skills in the supervisory context (not just personal assertiveness) is a behavioral risk management issue. That's why we created this program.

Do your supervisors pay attention to their "gut" so assertiveness is viewed as an indispensable management tool for self-awareness?

Many managers lack the ability, or a least an appreciation for how to use assertiveness to make their jobs easier, more effective, and fraught with less risk.

This program is a training tool to help your supervisors see assertiveness as "conscious use of self" in ways they have never considered.

Help supervisors learn speak assertively without damaging relationships; how to handling problems quickly and effectively; how to avoid misunderstandings, deal firmly with matters requiring authoritative responses, and more.

This training program fills this important educational gap. It solves the problem of supervisors remaining timid in the face of situations that call for them to act. And it enables them to step forward, speak up, and take charge in the role to which they have been entrusted -- leading, rather and hanging back. After viewing this program, your supervisors will consider being proactive rather than being forced to panic later when things go awry.

This program is available in four media formats and empowers supervisors with significant education and memorable information. It demonstrates the rationale for assertiveness in supervision, and most of all gives supervisors permission to step forward and act.

Everyday supervisors are involved in dozens of interactions with people of varying ranks, personalities, and emotional states”. Supervisors must walk the line between “pushy” and “pushover”. Being assertive is one of a supervisor's greatest challenges—one for which many of them have never been trained or prepared. Not any more. This program changes the calculus.

This training product allows learners to understand assertiveness and develop a communication style that is appropriate and firm without offending subordinates.

Supervisors learn that a true assertive communication style is the “sweet spot” they must acquire. Mastering assertiveness is a proven way for supervisors to advance personal and organizational goals while maintaining a culture of teamwork, trust, and respect.

Assertive managers set boundaries, they say what they think without fear, and they deal with aggressive or bullying behavior promptly and effectively. If you're a key manager or trainer, and you've been concerned about supervisors who increase risk to the organization by abdicating their responsibility of "taking charge", then this program is a perfect start.

Stop giving passive approval to supervisors to let the chips fall where they may and use this program to inspire change among your leadership team.

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