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E026 Dealing with Workplace Negativity


Product Description

First 100 Words
It’s hard to enjoy your job if coworkers constantly complain or are openly hostile to each other. Negativity and infighting drain workplace energy and can lead to employee turnover. Productivity suffers and the downward spiral can increase the risk of violence and financial loss. You don’t have to be a victim of workplace negativity.

What causes workplace negativity? Is it rumors and misinformation or just bad communication? Is it a lack of leadership, or is it too much work and not enough money? Worry about retirement, a lack of challenge, or other turmoil can all contribute to negativity. However, sometimes negativity can be caused by one or two employees who decide to engage in conflict at work . . .

When To Use
One of the most requested subjects. Sources of negativity and how to head it off at the pass. Some rules, some tips, and a few tricks on reducing negativity and contagion.

How to Use
Brown-bag seminars, health fairs, group conflict intervention.