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Alcohol and Drug Awareness Education and Training for Employees


Product Description

Alcohol and Drugs Education and Awareness Training for Employees

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Educate employees about drug and alcohol abuse to increase their awareness, reinforce drug abuse prevention efforts, and encourage them seeking confidential help for a substance use disorder. If you are training supervisors in drug and alcohol awareness, this program will allow you to reach all employees with essentially the same content so they can have critical information to use in their personal lives, especial with family members.

This training will help employees consider self-referral, increase their likelihood of not coming to work under the influence, encourage help-seeking behaviors, and allow employees who are parents of teenagers to be armed with information needed to be a more effective parent capable of intervening with child, teen, or college student in trouble with substance abuse.

This drug alcohol education and awareness program starts off with awareness questions that gets the ball rolling and a discussion concerning the the answers to those questions. It engages employees early, and does not gloss over alcohol abuse, which is the most serious substance of abuse in the workplace. This training will also cause some employees to consider their own drinking or drug use pattern, which is a desirable benefit from this type or training. The idea here is help employees consider the next step for themselves, a spouse, or teenager with a substance abuse problem.

If you are training supervisors in drug and alcohol abuse or DOT Supervisor Training, why would you ever ignore employees?

This program was developed precisely for the language that's in it and the common myths and misconceptions employees and family members often hold. The alcohol awareness section is particularly powerful. We've even added new content on Spice/K2, a dangerous hallucinogenic substance referred as synthetic marijuana (it has no connection with marijuana whatsoever.)

This program hits all the major drug categories, discusses enabling, and even discusses treatment and mentions the family's role. We include a bunch of reproducible, editable handouts.

A complete frame-by-frame instructor's manual with expensive notes is included. This manual keeps you on target in this presentation. And we include enough content to train for hours (and educate your staff too!) You can do a short presentation, or comeback and deliver even more original content. Our fact sheets are included at no additional cost, and with the web course, the fact sheets are embedded! They include (Reg. $17) V001, V002, V005, V011, and V014 along with a reproducible Certificate of Completion.

Partial Overview of Contents

- Introduction to concepts • personal problems and symptoms • addictive disease and related definitions common myths • major drug categories and types • all about alcohol • more about alcoholism • understanding tolerance

- Also Includes: cross-tolerance and cross-addiction • loss of control--what it really means • understanding denial • drug photos, categories,symptoms, etc.• avoiding enabling coworkers • world’s most enabling statement ("he's a functional alcoholic!") • how treatment works • how to help others

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