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  • Mastering the Respectful Workplace
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Respect in the Workplace Training PowerPoint and Education Program for Employees


Product Description


It is a wonderful program. Well done, Daniel. I am blessed to have a great team that behave appropriately (most of the time) but I also have a changing demographic to the team so wanted to provide a baseline for what we mean by treating folks with respect - both internal and external clients. Your program fits the bill PERFECTLY! "

Safety Training Services, Inc.

Program Chapters on Respect in the Workplace PowerPoint Training

Professionally Narrated/Non-Narrated with Notes includes 33  Minutes; 100 slides, 10 Topics, 1 Free Module on the Supervisor's Role in Promoting a Respectful Workplace, Multiple handouts, test questions, and Certificate of Completion

1. Dignifying the Differences in Others

2. Avoiding Sexual Harassment

3. Stifling Rumors and Foregoing Gossip

4. Voicing Concerns and Opinions Diplomatically

5. Nonverbal Workplace Communication that Nixes Morale

6. Rejecting Bullying and Ridicule

7. Excuse me! Respecting Others' Space

8. Second Thoughts: Restraining Impulsive Behavior on the Job

9. Criticize in Private (If You Must)

10. Cut the noise! Distractions in the Modern Office

Respectful Workplace Training PowerPoint: 10 Tips to Boost Productivity and Morale

This presentation gives 10 tips to help employees master respect in the workplace, reduce risk to the employer, and improve workplace harmony among employees by educating them about tolerance, and examining primary areas of conflict and tension among workers that lead to bad behavior, inappropriate comments, aggression, and many difficult conflicts.

Available in PowerPoint (editable with sound-show format), DVD Player, Video (any format), or "upload-able" independent web course (you own and retain it with no additional fees or repeating costs), every format is guaranteed to have your employees changing behaviors literally overnight by increasing self-awareness and empathy toward others.

As much as employees try to show respect for others through their actions, some subtle (or not so subtle) misguided behaviors can sabotage reputation and effectiveness. In this program, employees learn to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and gain awareness so that they make all the right moves.

If you've been concerned as a human resources professional over what you are hearing, seeing, and being confronted with in the workplace, and need to raise employees' awareness for their behaviors and inappropriate interactions with each other, then this is the program you've been looking for -- intense, targeted, memorable, and complete.

To reduce risk even further, consider the Web Course and a printable certificate of completion you can file to demonstrate you work organization took due care and was proactive in helping employees treat each other respect. You'll have solid information you can point to in writing if you are ever confronted by a legal complaint because of behaviors in the workplace associated with disrespect.

There are many best practices with regard to respect in the workplace. We've examined every one so this program distills the essence of the most important information employees need to know.

What Causes Disrespect and Incivility in the Workplace?

Is respect in the workplace, or the amount of it given to employees a reflection of individual personality issues, the culture, television, lost values, or something related to family breakdown, the "me generation" or other sociological phenomena? It's hard to say, but their are some truths that matter when it comes to respect in the workplace training.

There ar three important tools all human beings possess (or almost all human beings possess) that can help organizations improve respect in the workplace. We rely upon these three powerful humanistic tools to make this respectful workplace training program so powerful.

Those tools are 1) self-awareness, 2) empathy, and 3) The ability to understand logic.

With these tools in mind this program examines behaviors and disrespectful interactions between employees to help viewers gain awareness and use that awareness to feel empathy for victims of inappropriate behavior. Because respect in the workplace is about common sense, the learner or viewer of this workplace respect training material acquires the ability to analyze their own behavior, self-judgments, and personal changes in how they interact with others.

For those employers who subscribe to our FrontLine Employee Workplace Wellness newsletter or our FrontLine Supervisor Manager and Leadership newsletter, we reinforce the material in this respectful workplace training program by visiting issues in our articles throughout the year to reinforce the lessons learned. We like to say that there is no way employees will forget this material and not put it into practice to improve workplace respect.

This is the training launch formula we give you and the one that is unique to -- education reinforced by corporate wellness newsletters and education found in our other products that support your organization's mission and reduce risk.

Handouts from Respect in the Workplace PowerPoint

Respect in the Workplace Training and Violence Prevention









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