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E058 Taking Initiative On the Job


Product Description

First 100 Words
Your resume and job interviewing skills are what get you in the door, but once you’ve been hired, there is a powerful way of advancing your career and enhance your earning power over the life of your career. It is taking initiative.

If your boss is at all typical, he or she cares much more about your level of initiative than your education, IQ, or experience. Managers love initiative takers because they make their lives easier, but they’re rare in most organizations. As such, those who show initiative tend to stand out among their coworkers and be the first in line for pay raises and promotions . . .

When To Use
Why initiative is powerful--and it’s free! What is initiative; why you don’t take initiative; proactive initiative vs. initiative out of fear. Spotting opportunities for initiative; the payoffs for everyone.

How to Use
Waiting rooms; team building.