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CBD Oil, THC, and Your Job


Product Description

CBD oil can be purchased in many forms, including oil, capsules, spray, creams, tablets, food and drink. But should you use it? You might want to think twice if you have a job that is labeled "safety-sensitive" or if you work for the U.S. Army where a "Zero Tolerance" policy exists.

CBD oil is derived from a hemp variety of cannabis, which is low in THC. THC is the marijuana compound that makes people high. CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal under federal law since 2018, but CBD oil is unregulated. So, there's a problem. You could be consuming more that legally allowed, and this could place you in jeopardy at work.

But there's more. THC can build up in your body if you use CBD oil frequently enough. This could trigger a positive test, but you won't be able to prove to your employer that you were only using benign, legal, CBD oil. The solution? Consider not using CBD Oil. Talk to your doctor. There may be three to four different types of non-THC medicine substitutes.


This program educates and offers awareness to help employees to understand the risk associated with using CBD oil, especially if they work for an employee that does drug testing. 

The program discusses the uses of CBD oil briefly, but helps users understand that CBD Oil research documenting its consistent medicinal benefit is mixed, at best. The American Medical Association still does not recommend the use of any cannabis or CBD product for any condition. Many people claim no benefit from using CBD Oil.

This program also helps employees understand that CBD Oil could contain more than the .3% legally allowable amount of THC, because there is no market regulation of the chemical.

The program also discusses the side effects of CBD Oil.


Employers seeking to reduce administrative and legal risk, complicated employment claims, and costs associated with disciplinary actions for a positive drug test can benefit from educating employees about CBD Oil early-on , and thereby possibly influence a decision by employee to avoid the substance.

Some employees have addiction to cannabis or marijuana, and CBD Oil can conceivably be used as an excuse or explanation following a positive drug test.