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"Oh So Easy!" 14 Vital Skills for Supervisors Training Program


Product Description

Supervisor Training Course in 14 Skills Turns Supervisors into People-Management Pros Quickly, Easily, and in a Way They'll Remember

If you have been looking for a highly effective and memorable supervisor training course—with skills and information your supervisors will implement and retain, this course--used worldwide--is it.

14 Vital Skills for Supervisors is intense and covers hundreds of helpful tips in 14 educational modules that last between four to seven minutes each—a total run time about 90 minutes, plus handouts, tip sheets, 30 test questions, and Certificate of Completion. It also contains role plays for group discussion. The program was developed after researching the most important soft skills needed for leading others, protecting an organization, and communicating with upper management. The supervisor course is designed for easy and rapid repeat or review so supervisors needing help in the future can quickly return it for what they need, when they need it.

Let's face facts. Most supervisors aren’t taught supervision skills very well, if at all.

They learn on the job. But there's a lot of risk to this learning method. If you are a human resources manager, CEO, training expert, or a one new supervisor looking for solid skills, this supervisor training course is guaranteed to give you what you are looking for. This course is stuffed with content that tells you "what to do", "what to say", and how to say and do it.

Your supervisors will manage employees better, contribute to improved moral, and eliminate missteps and mismanagement of troubled employees or those who could pose larger risks to your organization and others around them.

How many of your supervisors aren't trained, say and do things they shouldn't, go off half-cocked, or have inappropriate relationships with subordinates? Do you have some who sexually harass employees, rarely praise subordinates, and fail to produce effective documentation? What about lousy communication? This supervisor training course tackles all of these issues, and here's the best part--a 100% money-back guaranteed if you don't see, sense, and feel the changes among employees immediately. We have a 100% money-back guarantee any time--but you'll see the changes you want  immediately.

This course is especially valuable as a remedial program for supervisors who have gotten into trouble with upper management because of their inappropriate behavior, bullying, or problematic decision making in their relationships with employees.

Want a foolproof, proactive approach that allows your supervisors access to this material 24/7? Your organization's satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose our web course that easily uploads internally to your own company Web site. You will instantly have a library of supervisory skills managers can return to at any time. The videos (14 separate video modules) are great for the same purpose.

Included are straight to the point education and practical information that teach supervisors the proper and effective way to manage productivity and lead others.

Supervisor Training Course Skills include:

•    How to Observe Performance
•    Documenting Performance
•    Mastering Constructive Confrontation
•    Evaluating Performance
•    Resolving Coworker Conflicts
•    Giving Feedback
•    Delegating Work and Following Up
•    Dispensing Discipline
•    Inspiring and Praising Employees
•    Building Your Team
•    Communicating with Upper Management
•    Investigating Complaints and Incidents
•    Managing Unfit for Duty Employees
•    Acting To Prevent Workplace Violence

The "How-to" Supervisor Training Course that Improves Productivity 

  • Training supervisors to enhance their people skills at work can be done with PowerPoint, DVD, Video, or our web course which uploads to your own internal website. You own it. Yo control it.
  • Reduce supervisor stress because they will have not doubt about how manage and handle difficult situation while improving their relationship with their supervised workers 
  • This invaluable program provides tools and resources that can help supervisors improve their workplace
    and successfully help employees improve performance;
  • This all-inclusive, step-by-step program will improve the productivity of supervisors and managers and prove how effective leadership can and will help prevent organization nightmares in the workplace.

How Companies Suffer without a Supervisor Training Course While Supervisors Remain Naive.

A manager can make or break a company. Disorganized supervisors who engage in missteps and risky practices can devalue their company and run the risk of legal nightmares and violate employee rights, harassing subordinates, and generate ill will among workers . Incompetence in management poses the biggest threat to any workplace. We have all dealt with our fair share of chaotic, mismanaged workplaces where almost nothing is accomplished in great measure because of poor manager-employee relations. This low productivity is ultimately what this course is designed to eliminate.

Mismanagement directly correlates to lower productivity. With this comes employee negativity, absenteeism, carelessness at work and worker resistance. Absenteeism follows, and problems like theft and skipping out on the job can follow. So you must act now. The only effective way to avoid such workplace catastrophes is to be proactive. The simple 14 vital skills for supervisors program makes this possible. Click here to print the full brochure or use the shopping cart above.

How Learning and Applying Supervisor Skills Can Make an Impact

Being able to brush-up on one's management skills instantly at work on the fly, when the need  is greatest, is vital for helping supervisors. We know of no other program that can do this. Access training at the moment they think it is needed is how you train supervisors on the fly  in really and truly effiective ways. 

The materials offered as a part of the 14 vital skills supervisor training course  will help transform you organization to a productivity and safety machine.

In One Easy Self-Guided
(and inexpensive)
Study Course!


LIABILITY. No worse word exists in the English Business Language.

PRODUCTIVITY. No better word exists!

Increasing productivity – while reducing huge costs such as ANY liability – that’s the PATHWAY to PROFITS.

And now, your company can make sure that all your Supervisors are given a proper Training Course that will simultaneously help them AVOID LIABILITY while IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY and enhancing EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE!

Our program – the WorkExcel Supervisor Training Course – is simply astonishing in what it covers.

Take a look at what it can do for you…

  • Improve the productivity of supervisors and managers
  • Help HR departments experience fewer headaches from grievances and complaints that employees bring relative to problematic relationships with supervisors
  • Offer older/seasoned supervisors skills they've never had and reduce risk of employment claims against the employer for wrongful actions, questionable behaviors, and neglect of duty
  • Improve the supervisor's ability to act earlier when problems emerge, consult properly with HR or internal advisers, and keep top management informed of critical issues
  • Demonstrate your managers were trained and your organization exercised responsibility for training supervisors to reduce legal claims and charges of neglect or failure to be proactive.
  • Help supervisors and managers brush-up on key skills (and learn new ones)
  • Allow you to train supervisors and managers 24/7 the moment they want and need the help.
  • Allow you to e-mail any skill link directly from your web server to one supervisor or group of supervisors who need the information NOW.  
  • Train struggling managers with performance issues and problematic supervision styles that you've put on performance improvement
  • Reduce stress and fear among supervisors due to inadequate training or inexperience, especially new supervisors - helping not to develop bad habits.
  • Improve employee productivity because of better trained supervisors who are managing employees more effectively
  • Train new supervisors faster--get them up to speed and meet your training goals faster
  • Improve the internal role of the human resources manager who must serve as a consultant to supervisors, thereby improving position viability and usefulness.

All of this – and more is covered comprehensively in our authoritative Supervisor Training Course.

But perhaps you’re wondering if it’s really necessary.

In that case, take a look at the list below and see if any of these are areas you can relate to…

 Who Can Benefit from our Supervisor Training Course?

Anyone! Our past clients include…

•    human resource professionals, trainers, and benefits consultants
•    employee assistance professionals
•    substance abuse counselors
•    wellness and occupational health professionals
•    insurance agents and those who strive to help employers reduce risk
•    family medical practice professionals
•    safety professionals
•    mental health professionals in public or private practice
•    organizational development professionals
•    small business owners or their office/business managers

As you can see, the nature of a good Supervisor Training Course is one that will be solid, consistent, reliable, and cost-effective.

The WorkExcel Supervisor Training Course fits the bill – and then some!

Plus, it comes with a completely RISK-FREE Money-Back Guarantee of complete SATISFACTION.

If, for any reason at all, you aren’t satisfied with the Supervisor Training Course within the first 30 days of viewing and studying it, please send it all back and we’ll refund your purchase price PLUS the cost of shipping back the materials!

We can’t be any fairer.

If you’ll give this Supervisor Training Course the official “nod” … good things will start to happen at your company.

You’ll think you hired a whole new staff or all new employees.

No. You’ll soon have a properly trained Supervisor.

And that makes all the difference in the world.

Click here to started!

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