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“OH! So Easy!” WorkExcel Performance Evaluation Program and System


Product Description

“OH! So Easy!” WorkExcel Performance Evaluation Program and System

  • Make performance evaluations useful, powerful, and fun
  • Avoid year-end surprises, skipped years without evaluations, and employee complaints about not having an evaluation
  • Install or replace a broken performance evaluation system
  • Finally identify and achieve exciting and unifying goals that advance the organization’s purpose Enjoy a collaborative approach that reduces conflicts
  • Have happier employees with greater job satisfaction
  • Experience more effective and productive relationships on the job

Engaged employees who enjoy their work and receive regular feedback on their performance are happier, healthier and more productive. They advance the organization’s mission and strive to attain the ambitious goals you’ve set for them. Don’t believe what you have heard or read about performance evaluations being ‘passe’, cruel, one-sided, or oppressive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Performance evaluations done correctly are collaborative, easy, and powerful.

This editable and brandable program (PowerPoint presentation, DVD, video, or self-contained web course) educates employees/supervisors about the content presented. This is a no-fluff program. It is fast moving, practical, and memorable. All formats include a reproducible, editable handout, and test questions to engage learners. Choose any format. Get two media formats and take 50% off the lower-priced format.

Phone 1-800-626-4327 or email for a FREE PREVIEW of the full program. Choose from multiple formats. Choose PowerPoint Sound Show for in-classroom education, or turn off the sound for live instructor training. The DVD format is perfect for any television monitor and most desk or laptop computers and its portability means you can send it anywhere your employees are located. Web movies upload to your server and become part of your Web site for 24/7 access by employees. The web course includes sound, test questions, handout(s), and a certificate of completion.