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E089 Getting and Keep an Exercise Program


Product Description

First 100 Words
You already know you need to do it. You may even know what it looks like, complete with routines and goals and perhaps even your own personal trainer. But you know this, too: knowing and doing are different things. Hard as knowing is, doing is even more challenging. Real life gets in the way. You work hard, and the last thing you want to do is fill your free time with exercise!

So how do you “create” a desire—to want something bad enough that you will act consistently? The answer is that you must understand what’s at stake, and then you must make a decision to incorporate exercise into your life . . .

When To Use
Why is it a challenge. What is the "trick" to keeping a program active? Steps to take. Making exercise fun–yes, it's possible. Changes you will see and feel.

How to Use
Counseling, health fairs, workshops.