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Danger of Using Bath Salts


Product Description

Danger in Using Bath Salts

  • Educate employees to reject
  • Bath Salts Dispel lies about the substance
  • Reduce risk of use by employees
  • Prevent job loss and destroyed lives
  • Prevent bodily harm and risk of death
  • Empower employees to warn others never to use the drug

In 2012, a frightening designer drug called “Bath Salts” became dramatically more popular on the streets and in some retail establishments. Banned in nearly all states, but easily found on the Internet, these drugs are NOT Epsom salts for bath water or anything close to it. Bath Salts are powerful chemicals with addictive, amphetamine, and speed-like properties that can cause hallucinations, psychosis, paranoia, violence, and even death. It is a dangerous substance is to be avoided. This presentation (or web course) is designed to help employees understand the dangers, carry the message to others, and steer clear of this substance.

This editable and brandable program (PowerPoint presentation, DVD, video, or self-contained web course) educates employees/supervisors about the content presented. This is a no-fluff program. It is fast moving, practical, and memorable. All formats include a reproducible, editable handout, and test questions to engage learners. Choose any format. Get two media formats and take 50% off the lowerpriced format.

Phone 1-800-626-4327 or email for a FREE PREVIEW of the full program. Choose from multiple formats. Choose PowerPoint Sound Show for in-classroom education, or turn off the sound for live instructor training. The DVD format is perfect for any television monitor and most desk or laptop computers and its portability means you can send it anywhere your employees are located. Web movies upload to your server and become part of your Web site for 24/7 access by employees. The web course includes sound, test questions, handout(s), and a certificate of completion. 

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