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Valuing Diversity at Work

  • Valuing Diversity at Work
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Product Description

This program inspires employees to appreciate and value diversity in the workforce, understand their biases, and move beyond "tolerance" to become aware of the power each of them possess to help their fellow workers feel accepted, welcomed, and motivated to be valuable contributors to organizational productivity.  

The world of work is becoming increasingly global and interdependent. This twenty-first century phenomenon has made it imperative for business organizations to understand and promote acceptance of diverse workforces so they can compete.

Today, diversity in the workplace is considered an opportunity and an asset. It’s a plus for any business. This program hits every key point to excite employees about their role in valuing a diverse workforce.

What is diversity in the workplace?

•  Workplace diversity does not mean that all jobs and positions are equally divided
•  Discussion of diversity awareness Supporting diversity and championing a diverse workforce
•  Tolerance among employees for coworkers’ differences is the foundation...
•  Understand and value diversity and what this can achieve.
•  A diverse workforce that is valued and supported can...
•  A valued and diverse workforce has employees who feel accepted and...
•  Other payoffs for having a diverse workforce  

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