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E117 - Beating the Blahs at Work


Product Description

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Studies show that up to 60 percent of workers experience lackluster enthusiasm. If this sound like you, lack of engagement is not only bad for business, but can put you at risk for being the first on the chopping block when cutbacks loom. Do you dread Monday mornings or have you grown to “hate” your job? Take charge of this syndrome because it is a health issue.

With unemployment high and new jobs scarce, many workers choose to stay in jobs that they don't like. Others feel angry about cutbacks in benefits and opportunities, which affects their performance. Even more employees feel burnt out from…

When To Use
Use when employees mention burn out, hating their jobs, being stuck in a rut, or feeling stress from organizational change, or dreading Mondays.

How to Use
Counseling sessions, stress management workshops, reactions to organizational change