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When You Experience a Traumatic Event

  • When You Experience a Traumatic Event
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Product Description

Intervene effectively and educate employees about traumatic stress.  Help prevent stress induced illness, absenteeism, and behavioral issues in the aftermath of a critical incident on- or off-site with your business organization or job site of your business customers.

–Demonstrate to the host company or top management that you responded quickly, effectively, and with initiative using smart tools that prove the efficacy and cost-benefit of your services, position, professional help role, EAP, wellness, or human resources program.

–Reach employees and family members fast with education--or even an emailable link --that can prevent dysfunctional behaviors and unhealthy decisions that often follow critical incidents.

–Encourage employees and family members to seek help rather than suffer with symptoms of acute stress from traumatic incidents lead to productivity and health problems, (i.e., Posttraumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD).

–Encourage and motivate employees to participate in critical incident stress management services, diffusings, debriefings, or CISD opportunities, rather than ignore these opportunities that can preserve and protect health, and with it the bottom line.

–Encourage the development of a work culture where attitudes about traumatic incidents and traumatic stress are taken seriously. Educate new employees who are first-responders to appreciate the risk and the impact of critical incident stress, rather than disregard and minimize its potentially adverse consequences on health, well-being, and productivity.

–Enhance your website and increase your websites' return on investment. 

–Stay competitive with other services companies and EAP providers who may use more expensive worklife education programs and highly generic products linked to third-parties and along with them hyperlinks off your website and onto their's including their marketing messages!

–Brandable, editable, and modifiable content increases the professionalism of your staff and the top shelf appearance of your company. You get your logo--not ours within your training program. 

Important Features for 

Workplace Wellness and EAP Program Products

•  Multiple media formats with reduced price for purchasing more than one format
•  Ability to upload a product to your website without added cost, license, subscription fees, per user fees, or other restrictions, except that of protecting the product with a simple login or non-indexed web page to prevent search engines from cataloging it on the World Wide Web.
•  Editable formats - any format is editable to meet your specific needs
•  100% guaranteed professionally developed information by licensed clinical professionals with extensive "in-the-trenches" experience and nationally published monographs on employee assistance, behavioral risk reduction, safety, EAP utilization, marketing, and intervention

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