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14 Vital Skills for Supervisors

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Product Description

Get applauded by top management for making an impact and rescue supervisors from bad habits, missteps, and behaviors that increase liability for them and the organization. Reduce the risk of employee complaints and lawsuits. This program is guaranteed to power-up any supervisor’s skill set by giving them the know-how to engage, lead, and maximize productivity. It imparts 14 essential skills every supervisor must know. Easy to use, no fluff, solid content, intense, and nothing complicated defines this product. It’s one our best sellers for over 15 years! You get any or ALL formats – PowerPoint, DVD, Video, and/or a Web course so you reach every supervisor no matter where they are located.



 SKILLS RANGE IN LENGTH FROM 4.5 to 7 minutes!

Skill 1: How to Observe Performance

Supervisors learn the skill of observing performance and how to focus on- and assess skills, abilities, motivations, attitudes, conduct, appearance, vitality, and eagerness to learn.

Skill 2: Documenting Performance The first question a boss will ask when termination is proposed is, “Do you have all the documentation you need?” Here’s how to make sure documentation exists and that it is useful.

Skill 3: Mastering Constructive Confrontation How to organize thoughts in advance and follow guidelines and a format that makes sure confrontation hits home, inspires change, and dignifies employees.

Skill 4: Evaluating Performance How and why to shower employees with frequent feedback, assess employees regularly, praise superior work, provide constructive suggestions, and elevate mediocre or substandard work to excellence.

Skill 5: Resolving Coworker Conflicts Pick your battles and focus on shared goals to referee disputes effectively.

Skill 6: Giving Feedback Express both good and bad input with judgment-free specificity for a more positive, lasting impact on the employee.

Skill 7: Delegating Work and Following Up Boost your efficiency and your team’s morale-by handing off assignments to the right people.

Skill 8: Dispensing Discipline Treat discipline as a means to educate employees and elevate their behavior.

Skill 9: Inspiring and Praising Employees to Build Morale Energize employees by taking every opportunity to recognize their contributions and urging them to excel.

Skill 10: Building Your Team By choosing the right people and getting them to believe in a shared goal, you lay the groundwork for a winning team.

Skill 11: Communicating Effectively with Upper Management Relate to the top brass on their terms and present your ideas as solutions to problems they face.

Skill 12: Investigating Complaints & Incidents Take an unbiased, fact-based approach when investigating employee complaints.

Skill 13: Managing Unfit for Duty Employees The inability of an employee to work safely requires a deliberate and fact-based confrontation and the following of the organization’s fitness-forduty policy.

Skill 14: Acting to Prevent Violence in the Workplace Know the conditions that breed violence, and protect your workplace from toxic conflicts.