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Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors

  • Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors
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Product Description

Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors

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Emotional Intelligence Training for Supervisors

DVD, Web Course, PowerPoint, Web

You wont' find too many training programs in PowerPoint that are also professional narrated, and even fewer that discuss applying these principles to the supervision and leadership role. But this where true value is achieved in teaching these skills in the workplace to improve relationships and organizational productivity. And it is so easy and powerful to do it all with this popular program from

Completely editable, and available as a web course, PowerPoint, Video (any format) or DVD for any DVD player, you'll see viewers get up and walk away from this presentation with a whole new idea and understanding about emotional intelligence that they can apply to their everyday lives.

Emotional intelligence training should be standard fare for any business. The concepts are easy to understand and apply especially when present in a clear and exciting way you can readily see in this program. Click the link above to see the full program and own if your workforce training library.

What we've placed in this PowerPoint program on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence isn’t about being soft or running a “feel good” operation. Rather, it’s a set of skills you can draw upon in order to get the most out of yourself and those around you.

Because people respond emotionally as well as logically to the world around them, you’re drawing on your emotional intelligence every time you deal with your employees, peers, and superiors. This is inescapable. The only question is how well you’re able to use your EI to get the results you want.

The Advantages of Developing Your Emotional Intelligence (Training in this PowerPoint)

While some people are born with high emotional intelligence, it can also be developed through practice. Increasing your EI gives you several personal and professional advantages including:

- Deeper personal relationships: Having a high EI allows you to be “in tune” with others, allowing for more meaningful, honest, and productive personal interactions.
- Greater adaptability: Being able to read and understand the emotions of others helps you fit in quickly to new work cultures and understand how to work effectively with others.
- Increased personal insight: The quickest way to understand your own emotional triggers is to understand them in others. The more you develop your EI, the greater sense of self awareness you will have.

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