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Reasonable Suspicion Checklist for Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse


Product Description

Checklist for Reasonable Suspicion Training to Spot Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

This bad boy is three pages, and each symptom has a space where the supervisor can be specific and list an example. We think it is the most awesome checklist ever created--and it is standard in our DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training or our Non-DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training. Would you like to see a marked copy of this checklist for reasonable suspicion of substances abuse? Email us here.

There are checklists for reasonable suspicion all over the Internet, but none like this one. We developed this tool to help supervisors not only have a menu of identifiable signs and symptoms of suspected substance use, but space under each item for the subjective amplified information crucial to proper documentation. This qualitative information is what lawyers, HR, and top management will expect to see and read later when it comes time to support job actions like dismissal, so the organization reduces risk of lawsuits for things like wrong termination or wrongful discipline.

Of course you need to distribute a checklist to supervisors, but is the checklist you are using now complete enough with plenty of choices and space for documentation to help supervisors do it effectively? That's why we offer this one-of-kind tool to document employees who may be under the influence.

Because we had the fear of inadequate documentation ourselves, we set out to create a useful one-of-a-kind tool that would stand the test of time while memory of those who completed it faded.

What Is Special About this Reasonable Suspicion Checklist?

No only does this reasonable suspicion checklist have specific types of behaviors listed on three pages, there is also a small section for each symptom where the supervisor can make a few notes to back up what he or she observed. For example, if a supervisor marks on the reasonable suspicion checklist that the employee had an unsteady gate, the supervisor can expand on that observation by stating that the employee tripped over his own feet and stumbled into the wall, etc. etc.

The best part of this tip sheet is that it is editable. You can add your own notes to it, reproduce it with full permission, and use it forever in your training programs. We also insert this tip sheet in our web course and it is part of every drug and alcohol training program for supervisors we offer -- so you do not need to purchase this tip sheet if you buy these cutting edge programs and unmatched training tools for DOT (and Non-DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training.)

Do not leave this page without purchasing this reasonable suspicion checklist because if you start searching the Internet, chances are slim you will not find this page again. And you definitely will not find a tool like this one. Do not settle for "less" when it comes to this particular topic in order to prevent risk to your organization from checklists that won't hold up to legal scrutiny when the time comes.

You may be thinking the reasonable suspicion checklist that you are using right now is as good enough, but $25 and a full refund guarantee, we will show you this is not the case.

We guarantee that your supervisors will identify and document more problems of reasonable suspicion on the job with this educational tools or we will give you a refund no questions asked.

Also, if this tip sheet does not directly contribute to the ease at which supervisors in your organization identify and document incidents of employees being under the influence, then return it for a 100% refund. We know you won't do it. Use the shopping cart now to purchase.

Reasonable Suspicion Training Products that Include this Checklist

- DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Two Hour Compliance Program

- Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Program for Supervisors

- One Supervisor DOT Training Program


Click here to see a large cross section of this Reasonable Suspicion Checklist.