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  • DOT Supervisor Training Certificate Course for 60 Minutes of Alcohol and 60 Minutes of Substance Abuse Awareness for the DOT Compliance Mandate for Regulated Supervisor Positions
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60-60 - DOT Supervisor Training Certificate - Online DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Compliance

A training link is sent directly upon completion of sale.

Product Description


$53 for One Supervisor Trained
Preview It In Full (or Purchase for Entire Company)

DOT Supervisor Training Certificate Course
for Drug and Alcohol Education Compliance in
Reasonable Suspicion

See the DOT Supervisor Training Certificate for this course.

Purchase DOT Supervisor Training Course to Own It for Your Company.

course is for one supervisor who needs the 60 Minutes of Alcohol and 60 Minutes of Drug Abuse Awareness Training to fulfill the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation pertaining to supervisor training in substance abuse for covered positions. See the image of DOT Supervisor Training Certificate above.

Upon purchase, you will receive an automatic link to participate in the 120 minute (required length) course and a brochure with an outline of the DOT drug and alcohol course content. You will print out a personalized certificate of completion at the end of the course. This DOT certificate is personalized with date and time stamp.

If link to the course is not received within five minutes, phone 1-800-626-4327 - 24/7. Check your SPAM folder, too. It will come from or - You may purchase this drug and alcohol course to training all of your DOT supervisors clicking on the link above, or you may fax back this order form. We are the official training product provide for the U.S. DOT itself for its supervisors in the Maritime Division, DOT Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Phone 1-800-626-4327 if you need to train more than one supervisor with this shopping cart above. You will need to email use the e-mail addresses of the supervisors so each one my receive the link from us. You may also discuss purchasing the course to own it and keep it without additional fees.

You may also purchase the course at the link above.

Contents of the DOT Supervisor Training Course

  • Introductory overview & concepts
  • Personal problems vs. drug/Alcohol
  • Addictive disease and enabling
  • Common supervisor myths
  • Rationale for reasonable suspicion trng.
  • Major drug categories and types
  • Understanding alcoholism
  • All about beverage alcohol
  • Understanding denial
  • Excuses employees use when confronted
  • Understanding tolerance and impact
  • Cross tolerance & cross addiction
  • Loss of control: What it really means
  • Understanding denial
  • Drug photos, categories, symptoms, etc.
  • Performance signs and symptoms
  • What to measure with job performance
  • Avoiding armchair diagnosis in DOT Training
  • Enabling: coworkers, supervisors, others
  • Work Performance Curve for Drug Users
  • Drugs of Abuse Chart
  • Confronting Behavior:Three Ways
  • Follow-up with employees
  • DOT Supervisor Training Certificate Issued (at End)

    Course Content Discussion for the DOT Supervisor Training Certificate
    Let's provide and example below of how the material in this course is superior to other courses. Take for example the case of an employee saying they may have alcohol on their breath but did not drink before coming to work. We discuss this and nine other excuses or exemption attempts fabricated by drug and alcohol using employees.

    A DOT regulated employee with a high tolerance to alcohol could have their last drink late at night and still be under the influence well into the next morning. DOT Supervisors must be careful not to fall for the excuses that come with this issue. Employees do not have to drink just before coming to work or first thing in the morning. Don’t let this statement convince you that a test is unnecessary. As an employee gets sicker, their body's ability to metabolize alcohol efficiently slows down. The liver become less capable of processing alcohol. As a result alcohol stays around longer, and an employee may stay intoxicated longer on less alcohol.

    The excuse used by many employees confronted in reasonable suspicion scenarios is that they have not been drinking before coming to work. And, surprisingly, they may not be lying, but they are still under the influence from a drinking party they went to last night. The distraction is to believe the employee and not refer for testing. Don't fall for it. When you are issued a DOT Supervisor Training Certificate from, you can be assured the content was in-depth and that supervisors will take with them the information to apply on the job and in their personal live with people and family members they know who may have a substance abuse problem.





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An email link for DOT reasonable suspicion training for use by one supervisor upon completion of sale. Please phone 1-800-626-4327 if not received within a few minutes. To purchase this product for all DOT supervisors or search product "155" for company purchase.