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Time Management - Tips and Tricks for a More Productive Life


Product Description


This time management skills and awareness program helps employees understand how time is an non-renewable resource. The key awareness is that if we don't control time, it will control us.

The good news is that there are time-proven tips and skills to help employees take more control over time. There are a few tricks worth learning that can help anyone better prioritize tasks, manage a heavy workload, and work more efficiently without sacrificing quality.

With this program, employees discover how to leverage their time and how to work smarter to get more done faster. Managing time may sound easy to some, but for most, it takes practice. The hardest part can be relinquishing old habits that get in the way.

This awareness and skills program delivers the goods, and the do’s, don’ts, and the how-to's.

Here are a few of the many concepts introduced in the program: 

- Learn that the experience of time is subject

- Time is non-renewal and implications for this reality.

- Time is subject to manipulation

- Step one is always asking what I want to achieve with the time I have

- Examine how you are using time now

- Finding ways you are wasting time

- Understanding the technology trap of endless distraction

- Analyzing all aspects of your life and their relationship with time usage

- Creating goals and applying time scales

- Making a more harmonious relationship between yourself and time

- Aligning expectations with reality

- How technology can hurt or help with time

- Don't plan for today only. Plan forward to next month. Even five years and be ambitious

- Delegating is an art

- Perfectionism can be a time-wasting trait

- Routine is a vehicle to get more done. Create one.

- and over dozens more . . .