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E052 Effective Time Management for Supervisors


Product Description

First 100 Words
As a manager, one of your most precious resources is time. Manage it well, and you’ll be able to pull off seemingly superhuman feats. Manage it poorly, and you’ll spend every weekend getting caught up on unfinished business.

If it’s really true that “time is money,” why not handle your time as you would your expenditures by tracking how it’s allocated? You can’t plug a leak if you don’t know where it is. People who struggle with time management often get stuck in a revolving door of demands and obligations because they’re “too busy” to take the time to plan. And the less they plan, the more their time slips away . . .

When To Use
Supervisors who manage time well win the management game. Loads of tips, “building in” time, prioritizing, delegating, setting goals, minimizing meetings, knowing when to take a break.

How to Use
Clients sessions, training supervisors, small group work.