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Stress Management Secrets for Supervisors (All Three Parts)

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Product Description

This program has three parts, but we now sell all three parts together at a discount price.

Let's face it, supervisors have stress that is different from other employees in the organization.  The stress levels are often greater, and frequently hidden from those around them. This means one thing: Supervisors must have excellent stress management skills.

So the question is: What are you doing for them? Do you expect your supervisors to be super-human and "just take it." Or, are you interested in how to help them be happier, healthier, and more productive?

Stress Management Secrets for Supervisors is the answer accomplishing this goal. Here's why ...

Supervisors will typically deny that they have stress while being ill-equipped to manage it.  This combination can slowly develop into a ticking time bomb ultimately creating great risk to the organization.

Without an approach to managing personal stress supervisors can grow weary, experience burnout, and say and do the wrong things that take a toll on everyone around them.  Some supervisors deny stress, others behave inappropriately.  And others may abuse alcohol, exhibit anti-social behavior, cause unnecessary personnel problems, and lose the managerial edge.
We created Stress Management Secrets for Supervisors to give your organization--not just supervisors--a way to help supervisors overcome stress, develop skills for heading it off up stream, reduce risk on the job, and power up their productivity while helping to avoid burnout.

Stress Management Secrets for Supervisors helps supervisors do the following:

•    Hone their leadership skills
•    Better manage and help troubled employees
•    Ease conflict among supervised employees
•    How to correctly discipline and terminate employees
•    How to better respond to change
•    How to balance work pressures and other personal needs

As the supervisor proceeds through the course, they will discover the importance of goal-setting and time management so that they will become more efficient in their work thus reducing stress levels.  Along with these skills, they will learn to be effective and efficient at:

•    Negotiating with others
•    Supporting troubled employees without overstepping their boundaries
•    Resolving conflicts among their peers and their boss
•    Understanding their role in conflicts
•    Combating self-doubt regarding personal work performance
•    Responding to change
•    Overcoming potential burnout

This three-part series is a must-have for any supervisor.  It provides easy-to-follow solutions, what to do and how to do it advice, and principles that can be implemented immediately to combat the devastating effects that stress has on the person as well as the entire organization.  

The course can be ordered in various media formats to provide convenient, student-friendly learning that include web course, PowerPoint, PowerPoint with sound and animation, flash movie of PowerPoint and self-playing CD, and a DVD of the PowerPoint with sound and animation.  

The online web course is popular because the supervisor can take it at his or her leisure while at work or during any downtime.  The course can be played back for reemphasizing any sections in order to make notes of any tips or points.

The PowerPoint format is wonderful for reaching those supervisors who prefer to take the lessons step-by-step with full visuals and control of the speed of the lessons.  When combined with audio, the lessons come to life for the supervisor providing clear visuals with professionally narrated text.

The DVD of the PowerPoint with sound and animation can be used in a group setting of supervisors or for on-boarding of new supervisors to teach them these valuable secrets before stress has time to do its damage.

Give Your Supervisors a Helping Hand Right Now

Teaching your supervisors to plan ahead, acquire coping strategies, and manage stress in their lives is one of the best investments your company can make.  You don’t have to research for courses or seminars to send your supervisors to when you can order it now.  Ordering this course saves you time and money as well as helping salvage your supervisors and restoring them to full productivity and greater performance.

When you order this series today, your supervisors can begin learning to manage, eliminate, and cope with stress within days.  Be sure to combine this series with the Essential Stress Management Tips (Part 1 and Part 2) and Resolving Coworker Conflicts to give your supervisors a full package for becoming the leader they were meant to be.

Warranty Information

Stress Management Training for Supervisors is over 100 slides of narrated content to help supervisors reduce stress, manage work, engage employees, and reduce isolation in order to improve resilience, fend off illness, improve productivity, reduce risk to the organization, and avoid burnout, personal liability, depression, and other maladies common to the unique stress experienced among supervisory personnel. is the worlds most widely read content on EAP and supervisor relationships, and we produced this product to offer what no similar program has ever made available--a way to help supervisors thrive under stress that ultimately allows all employees to be healthy, happy, and productive. Available in PowerPoint, Video of any kind, Web Course you own and install on your own Web site, or a DVD for standard DVD players or within computers. SEE PREVIEW BELOW AND A MORE IN-DEPTH DESCRIPTION