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Employee Assistance Program EAP Blog

Sabotage of Treatment By Supervisors Following Reasonable Suspicion Training and Employee Identification

Reasonable suspicion training is designed to save lives and prevent losses, but supervisors often undermine their own role in a drug-free workplace after being educated about substance abuse and even successfully identifying substance abusing workers who are then subsequently referred to treatment for addictive disease. What's going on? After an employee returns from treatment, the risk is [...]

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EAP Workplace Awareness Training Program: Helping Employees Make a Positive Decision about Psychotherapy

Thinking About Psychotherapy?If you are thinking about making positive changes in your life but are concerned about how difficult those changes might be, you may want to consider psychotherapy.What Is Psychotherapy?Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental and emotional disorders by using psychological techniques through the establishment of a psycho-therapeutic relationship with a mental health professional. [...]

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Is DOT Training Mandatory?

Is DOT Training Mandatory? Who does the DOT Drug Testing Regulations cover?The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 requires drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive transportation employees in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries. DOT publishes rules on who must conduct drug and alcohol tests, how to conduct those tests, and what procedures to use [...]

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Increase EAP Utilization, Program Value, and Build More Critical Workplace Relationships with the Right EAP Newsletter

Are you the victim of the following dangerous EAP myth? Many EA professionals falsely believe that their programs are safe from closure, sale, contract loss, or takeover by managed care hotlines because they have pleasant and positive relationships with top management. It takes more. Many EAPs were axed in 2017, and more in 2018 are on the brink. Reason: EAPs fail [...]

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How SMS Will Keep Guests and Employees Safe in a Crisis

When a crisis occurs, how you communicate with guests and employees matters. Safety is important. If you are able tobe proactive and have strong communication skills, you are going to save lives in the event of a disaster. While you can't predict when a crisis will occur, you can plan out specific responses or action plans in the event [...]

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Help Employees Bounce Back After Disciplinary Actions to Reduce Risk, Lower Turnover, and Increase Productivity

No matter how well employees do their jobs, chances are they will have a corrective interview someday with their supervisor at least once--if you're an above average worker, your chances increase that a mistake will come someday because you aren't playing it safe all the time. As an HR manager, use your employee health, wellness, [...]

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Supervisor Humor in the Workplace May Undermine Productivity.

Humorous Supervisors May Not Produce Happy ResultsEverything in moderation...Humor can motivate and engage employees according to research. But research has found in some cases, that the boss’s humor is not the best kind for productivity output. Instead, it can sabotage productivity. Swiping office supplies, insulting coworkers, goofing off, and even fudging on financial reports can be [...]

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​Reasonable Suspicion Training: Is Your Biggest Enabler the Organization or the DOT Workplace--Itself?

You already know about enabling and enablers. These are the people alcoholics and addicts depend on to help them experience consequences associated with their substance abuse. All addicts will interface with enablers who buy time for them as their addictive disease grows worse.Enablers "buy off" the addict's pain by what they say, or do, or [...]

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​ If You Are a DOT Supervisor with a Drinking Problem You Can Still Confront Employees

So, you just finished your DOT supervisor training and are worried that because you have a drinking problem that you can’t confront employees? Think again. You can, and you may even do it more effectively than other supervisors in your organization. That’s because your issues with drinking give you an edge. It’s called educated second [...]

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Six Ways to Sabotage Your Employee's Recovery

Supervisors want to keep their workplace happy, healthy and productive, and part of that is keeping your organization free from employees from being drunk or high on the job. However, once a worker gets help for their addiction, the battle isn’t completely over. Recovery takes time and effort, and supervisors may unwittingly hinder their employee’s [...]

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