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Increase EAP Utilization, Program Value, and Build More Critical Workplace Relationships with the Right EAP Newsletter

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Are you the victim of the following dangerous EAP myth?

Many EA professionals falsely believe that their programs are safe from closure, sale, contract loss, or takeover by

managed care hotlines because they have pleasant and positive relationships with top management. It takes more.

Many EAPs were axed in 2017, and more in 2018 are on the brink. Reason: EAPs fail to effectively engage, add value, promote services, and embed themselves in the work culture.How? What’s the secret?

One Secret to More EAP Security

An essential tactic for embedding your EAP is to use the right kind of EAP newsletter that shows your program’s personality. Ensure it reaches every level of the organization frequently. The key word is “frequently.” Frequency beats quantity.

Only a true EAP publication from EAP pros can produce the internal buzz that produces the embedded effect. That newsletter is FrontLine Employee.

FrontLine Employee is “EAP relationship glue.” It increases EAP utilization almost instantly, and promotes EAPs while building bulletproof relationships.

Articles in FrontLine Employee are written to promote wellness, offer productivity tips, and help employees and their families manage stress.

Guaranteed to Protect Your Program

Read the EAP testimonials enclosed. Most are notable professionals in our field. They all subscribe to FrontLine Employee.

FrontLine Employee arrives a week early, before the month. It has never been late—not once in 18 years. It’s editable, renameable, and amendable. However, it is ready to use the moment it arrives.

Frequent Newsletters Increase EAP Value and Utilization

The main reason for FrontLine Employee’s popularity is its monthly two-page format. This amounts to 50% more content per year than a quarterly four-page newsletter! Ironically, this also makes FrontLine Employee more likely to be fully read!

All articles in FrontLine Employee are between 75 and 250 words. They are tightly written without fluff, and easily digested with how-to’s, to-do’s, resources, lists, and links. Feedback after sending out just one issue will convince you that a new path of engagement and top-of-mind awareness is truly yours.

Here’s the point: Your newsletter cannot be casual entertainment, a cute reminder, or a snoozer. You can’t sheepishly

insert something into employee inboxes every three months. This will risk losing your EAP.

Absolute Flexibility—Not a Copyright Mark On It!

Do anything you want with FrontLine Employee except share it with another EAP – edit, amend, or rename it. Our copyright mark is not required. Take advantage of the free professionally created masthead using your own name for the newsletter! Or, insert our text in your own template if you like!

  • FrontLine Employee: Facts and Features
  • Affordable with a flat-rate price–for internally or external EAPs
  • Completely editable—you have full control of all elements.

  • Article depth—delves deeper to focus on productivity, stress, family, and wellness—also customer service, conflict resolution, relationships

  • Flexible—easy formats PDF, MS Publisher, MS Word, and/or text only.

  • Printable, web-usable, e-mail-able, and adaptable to any need.

  • Hassle-free –emailed early. Complete ready to edit or send.

  • EAP-drivenencourages employees to seek help from the EAP.

  • Subscriber hotline –EAPs can always request article topics.

Free professional masthead—you get a free, unique, and impressive-looking masthead with your own title, logo, colors, and look!

On time–we e-mail a week early, and have never been late—not once.

Thousands of companies get FrontLine Employee and readership is now over 3,000,000—including all employees of New York state, the state of Washington, the Social Security Administration, Army installations, universities, hospitals, municipalities, small businesses, and EAP providers worldwide.

Do Not Wait to Subscribe--$258 Gift Deadline!

100% Money-back Guarantee: 100% of your payment will be refunded at any time during the entire length of the subscription if you cancel.

I look forward to hearing from you, so complete the order form provided!

Daniel A. Feerst, BSW, MSW, LISW-CP

2001 Founding Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

P.S. Subscribe now. Get 14 issues instead of 12 (And $258 free resources CD!) The easy way is to phone me at 1-800-626-4327 or fax to 843-884-0442.

Since 1979 -- Member, International Employee Assistance Professionals Association

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