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Marijuana Education and Awareness

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Product Description

Now that Marijuana has be decriminalized in at least a couple states, more reseach than ever has been presented about the harm it causes, the risk associated with its use, the impact on the brain--particularly the growing brain in young people, and the many problems facing children, adolescent, and adult abusers. Most importantly, the great myth that marijuana is a harmless recreational herb is being exposed.

This program examines marijuana the drug, the risk associated with its use, harmful effects reported by science, the impact on the brain, and nature of marijuana addiction--not for all users--but for many as reported by recovering marijuana addicts.

Anyone can see the 150 scientific studies on the harmful effects of marijuana by going to this link
The most important step in educating the public about marijuana is to believe your own eyes about the harm it has caused to those you know you've used it, what they reported in recovery, and educating others without being intimidated by the marijuana lobby seeking to legalize the drug nationwide.

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