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Early-Stage Alcoholism Education and Awareness


Product Description

Length: 6 minutes

With education and awareness, those with early stage symptoms of alcoholism may be more proactive in getting help before a drinking lifestyle becomes fixed, defended, and enabled by others.

Use this program to help employees, who may experience early-stage symptoms of alcoholism, understand the disease better and learn about signs and symptoms that are often outside the awareness of others and misunderstood by the drinker.

The goal of this education module is to help those affected by addictive disease get into treatment earlier. The content is written to confront myths and misconceptions while it attempts to initially disrupt the growing pattern of denial all addicts experience.

The program examines denial, signs and symptoms, avoidance of the diagnosis, enabling, the idea of getting help sooner before problems worsen, and helping the viewer to become motivated to get an assessment from the employee assistance program (EAP).

Interrupting the progressive path of the addictive disease is not easy, but early education can help. Education is confrontation, but we believe there isn’t enough of it easily available, so we created this program available in PowerPoint, Web Video, or a Web course. The handout, test, and certificate of completion are included.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease, but defense mechanisms of the drinker and the behaviors of enablers are also progressive. This means early education has a solid chance at interrupting a growing pattern that without intervention leads to a life of pain and disruption.

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