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2018 Report on Women in the Workplace

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There's a lot of critical information to know in this new report on women in the workplace.

Despite the push to grow more diverse and inclusive workplaces, African American women in top management 

Employee assistance programs can be change agents for gender diversity

positions are still very rare. You will find more important and intervention-worthy statistics in this document that you can download on this page.

The new 2018 Women in the Workplace Study is a document you should read for three important reasons:

1) awareness for the problem of barriers to gender diversity that still exist;

2) the reliability of the information found in the document that discusses many aspects of modern day institutional discrimination; and

3) ideas about how you can make a difference in your role no matter what it might be.

The study was conducted by the prestigious accounting firm of McKinsey and Company. It includes results found by examining 279 companies employing more than 13 million people and surveys of 64,000 of them.

Examined were the "hiring pipelines" and who actually ended up in key positions by gender and race, and the issues associated with these observations.

If you want a solid document to reference in your education and training endeavors, this is one to keep on hand.

If you manage an employee assistance program, reaching out to women clients within the organization and helping address personal issues and concerns can lead you to examining and helping management with global (non-client specific) systemic issues that interfere with the critical goal of gender diversity and inclusiveness essential to the bottom line.

You will see all the key issues addressed in this report, including barriers to support experienced by women, problems associated with access to senior management, everyday discrimination issues, prevalence of sexual harassment, advancement opportunity limitations, workplace fairness issues, and recommendations for you to consider if  your goal is also to help organizations see gender diversity as a business priority.

And there is more. See issues of employee awareness and training on everything from harassment to diversity here at's employee training page.

Download the report here.

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