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Employee Assistance Program EAP Blog

Making Reasonable Suspicion Training Online a Part of Your Employee Assistance Program Training Library

Posted by Daniel A. Feerst, BSW, MSW, LISW-CP on

If you manage an employee assistance program, one of your services must be education and training of employees and supervisors. The more relevant those courses are to the most important behavioral risk issues, the more valuable they will be perceived by management. Reasonable Suspicion Training Online are one of these topics which you should strongly consider in support of the organizations' drug free workplace program. Here is your rule of them: Never put the host organization in the position of having to hire or seek out other training professionals to offer these services, especially employee awareness or supervisors training. Instead be proactive with these EAP training topics and do the research necessary to grow your EAP library. Online reasonable suspicion training is one topic, but as you can imagine there are  perhaps six or seven different topics that closely align themselves with this one.

The other topics that align well with reasonable suspicion training for supervisors online would be alcohol and drug training for employees, and DOT training that teaches supervisors to spot symptoms of reasonable suspicion on the job and act on the regulations regarding compliance.

There is one important concept I want to share regarding content for training programs related to DOT Training. Make sure you put a large quantify of information about alcoholism and alcohol abuse in your training. Sure, it may not be as exotic and full of awe as educating employees about strange uncommon hallucinogenic drugs like abuse of LSD,
abuse of Meth and Methamphetamines, and discussions about drugs like Abuse of Spice/K2 but it is essential to help employees, supervisors, and family members get a very solid understanding about alcohol use and abuse, along with dispelling all the myths and misconceptions about it.

Types of Employee Assistance Program EAP Training Library Beyond Reasonable Suspicion Training Online

There are other types of important topics to put in your training library, but the reasonable suspicion training online is one of the most important. The others include resolving coworker conflicts, anger management, stress management, prevention of workplace violence, respect in the workplace training, diversity awareness at work, and suicide prevention education and awareness for employees.

Here is a preview (although short) of a section of the reasonable suspicion training online above that I particularly like. I think you will instantly see why. I believe we are the only ones that really dive into content this way.

Your employee assistance program library should have at least four ways for people to access the training. These formats include a standard DVD format, a online web course format, a PowerPoint, and Video format that will run from your Web site

Offering training topics within your employees assistance program allows you to promote your program to management and employees. Your goal is to become indispensable as possible to the host company, so having a wide variety of topics is key.

When you offer online training with your employee assistance program, consider making the courses a profit center for your organization. Offer the training in the community to business organizations. Your courses will easily pay for themselves this way. Although we do not allow people to purchase our web courses and then compete with us online, there is no reason not to charge a fee for training your employees or charging fees to cover their cost.
The reasonable suspicion training online web course product for example is a mandatory training requirement of the DOT, and as new supervisors join the company or companies you serve, you will certainly benefit from such a cost center. Also, web courses and flash movies are great way to enhance employee assistance program proposals.

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