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Employee Assistance Program EAP Blog

Employee Assistance Program Usually the Best Choice for Referral to Help

Posted by Dan Feerst on

It is not unusual for employees to recommend resources to each other for dealing with problems, but the EAP is more often the best choice. So, if you are a supervisor consider speaking up if you are among a group of workers.

EAPs don’t do marital counseling or provide other treatment/therapy services, but they do start with an assessment that is free and unbiased.

The goal of this assessment is to determine precisely the nature of the problem the employee is experiencing.

Imagine the broad spectrum of issues that might exist in any situation where an employee says, "My husband and I are having communication problems. Does anyone have a good 
marriage counselor they can recommend? This is not unusual lunchroom-speak once employees know each other well.

So, consider, is this simply about communication problems or something more? Financial problems, drug and alcohol issues or other addictions, sexual issues, depression, or even an extramarital affair might be characterized in a group setting as “
communication problems.”

Indeed, most therapists discover deeper and more maladaptive concerns within a couple once therapy begins. Go ahead and recommend the EAP, even now. It is possible that she did not follow through with her friend’s recommendation. Share with her the nature of what a free and professional assessment can accomplish.

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