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Giving Couples Counseling a Try

  • Giving Couples Counseling a Try
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Product Description

The EAP setting and the workplace in general represent ideal settings for educating employees about wellness topics. This program about couples counseling is one the more important for you to consider.

Here's why: Almost any personal problem or concern can interrupt productivity, but marital strife in particular has a host of associated risks -- anything from domestic violence to teen drug abuse, financial problems, absenteeism, availability of employees, loss of concentration, and more can stem from marital conflict. The list is nearly endless. Workplace violence is also an associated risk commonly linked to domestic strife.

Over 50% of marriages in the U.S. and Canada end in divorce. Second marriages have a higher likelihood of failure. Can couples counseling (marriage counseling) help employees beat the odds when the going gets tough? Maybe. Couples counseling may improve relationship quality and help a troubled employee's personal life, but it is hard work. Still employees need information and inspiration, and to consider the options. That is the purpose of this program. It also attempts to dispel myths and misconceptions, and motivate employees to take the next step.

This program educates and gives hope, does not over-promise, yet inspires employees to consider professional counseling assistance. It will also improve EAP utilization and employee engagement.

If an employee is seriously concerned about their relationship and wonder if it needs help, chances are it does. Research has shown that couples often wait many years after they first notice problems before seeking couples counseling. This waiting and procrastination can make couples counseling less likely to be effective, and it can take longer to be effective it does work. Obviously helping employees get help sooner is a good idea. That is why we created this program.

Long-term resentment can sabotage couples counseling because the desire to have one's relationship work is a key to its success. So the earlier an employee makes a decision to seek couples counseling, the better it is for him or her, and of course, very likely the employer as well.

This program discusses what happens when employees meet with a couples counselor - that information is shared, issues explored, and difficulties clarified. It discusses how the counselor will encourage the employee to express him or herself, and impart new relationship skills. And of course there is much more. See the full program on this page, and consider selecting 12 workplace wellness topics to own as a package for your company's wellness program or EAP. Phone us for more information.

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